Best cases and covers to protect Galaxy Z Flip 3 on Amazon India

By Afrah Khan | Published 19 Oct 2021 17:05 IST
Best cases and covers to protect Galaxy Z Flip 3 on Amazon India
Best cases and covers to protect Galaxy Z Flip 3 on Amazon India

Protect your precious Galaxy Z Flip 3 without compromising with the looks and style by getting one of these affordable and durable phone cases!

Phone covers tell a lot about one's personality. With the right research, analysis and decision-making skills, you can buy an amazing case in no time! These cases are essential as they offer tons of customisation opportunities and safeguard your phone from mishaps. If you need some help in shortlisting the best covers for the Galaxy Z Flip 3, then this list might come in handy!

Ringke Phone Case

Ringke offers a solid polycarbonate soft and slim case that is compatible with Galaxy Z Flip 3. Its highly durable solid PC material provides enhanced protection and elasticity so you can fit it on your phone easily. The raised edges around the lens and the screen ensure that they don’t end up with countless scratches during everyday use. The case is separated into two parts (the top and bottom portions) to cover the phone adequately. These parts are held together by anti-slip pads present near the edges of the case. The case is 1.1 mm in thickness and has precise cutouts for ports and buttons so you can easily access them without any hindrance. It is designed to provide a firm grip to the user over their phone and has anti-cling technology so that the case doesn’t cling to the phone. The tactile buttons on the case perform all the actions effectively while keeping the phone’s buttons intact. Last but not least, it even has a built-in lanyard hole so that you can add a customised strap to the case!


This case by TRUEUPGRADE has a sleek and slim design that complements the Galaxy Z Flip 3 quite well. The crystal clear case is shockproof, highly durable and scratch-resistant. Apart from this, it doesn't show fingerprint smudges so that you can flaunt your phone at its best all the time. IT can be easily put on the phone and is easy to take off as well. Its ultra-thin design makes your phone lightweight and easy to carry. The phone cover provides utmost protection to the screen and camera by its elevated edges and also keeps the volume and power buttons away from dust and grime. It also has an in-built stand that can come in handy if you want to go hands-free while watching videos, attending calls or doing other work. It is available in multiple colours, including black, matt black, matt green, matt purple, matt white and you can even get a transparent case!

Spigen Tough Armor 

Spigen is known for its premium quality mobile accessories, and this case is no different. It not only protects your phone but also gives it a stylish look so you can flaunt it wherever you go! The case utilizes Spigen’s Air Cushion Technology to provide anti-shock protection, especially in more damage-prone areas like the corners and edges. The case constitutes a hybrid structure of polycarbonate and Thermoplastic Polyurethane(PC+TPU) to protect the phone from damage while providing greater flexibility for a great fit. Moreover, its sturdy armour back protects the phone from scratches. You won’t have to remove the cover to charge the phone wirelessly. The raised edges around the camera lens, and the outer casing, help protect the screen from scratches. The unique pattern on the case helps in getting a firm grip and reduces its chances of slipping.

Urban Armor Gear 21318D117272

The Urban Armor Gear 21318D117272 is a premium quality ultra-thin phone cover that is designed specifically for the Galaxy Z Flip 3. It has been engineered using Urban Gear’s HyperCush technology. It is an impact protection system that cushions the corners of your phone so they aren’t damaged when you drop your phone. The ultra-responsive tactile buttons deliver optimal performance while the raised bezel guards the screens and the camera lens. The form-fitted hinge protection allows movement so you can open and close the device with ease. The case won’t hinder wireless charging and NFC payments. It has been put through military-grade drop tests to ensure it meets the necessary standards. 

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