Backpacks with solar panel to charge your smart devices on Amazon India

By Ashwin Nair | Published on 01 May 2020
Backpacks with solar panel to charge your smart devices on Amazon India
Backpacks with solar panel to charge your smart devices on Amazon India

Thanks to smart innovations, you can now find easy solutions for all your needs. One such helpful and useful innovation is that of backpacks with solar panels. You can charge your smartphone, tablet, laptop, power banks or any other device through these amazing backpacks that you can carry around. Due to this, such bags can be an excellent travel accessory, especially when you go for long treks or hikes. If you have been looking to lay your hands on something similar, here are four of the best backpacks that you can get on Amazon. Do note that these products are selected based on the features on offer.

Voltaic Systems Offgrid 10 Watt Rapid Solar Backpack Charger

If you are a travel or wildlife photographer, it is only natural for you to stay off-grid for multiple days to get that perfect shot. At times, even your power banks run out of charge and that is where this backpack from Voltaic Systems comes into play. The solar panel is said to offer 10W rapid charging. You can now charge your power banks, smartphones, laptops and other devices if you have the right connection cord. In the interior panels, you can keep a DSLR body, two lenses and other accessories with ease. You can also use the back panel to keep your small laptop or a tablet. In one side pocket, you can easily carry your tripod or monopod as well along with your bottle on the other side. Since the bag provides you with adequate space for everything, you won’t feel like things are always falling out of place, which goes a long way in maintaining the adequate balance required while trekking.

ECEEN External Frame Pack Hiking Camping Backpack

Here is a travel backpack from ECEEEN that you can take for your long hikes or treks to still be connected to the outside world. It comes with a 10000mAh portable battery that you can charge throughout your trek and then later connect your smartphone, laptop, camera or any of your other devices to it. Moreover, it also comes with a 2L hydration bag. It’s fair to say that this is not your average backpack but one that lets you go off-grid for multiple days if you want. In terms of its interiors, you get a separate slot to keep your laptop. You can also keep your DSLR and other accessories in the bag with ease.

SolarGoPack 12k, Solar Powered Backpack

The SolarGoPack 12k, as the name suggests, comes with a solar panel which offers power at 5W to charge the built-in 12000mAh battery. Since the solar panel is detachable, you can remove it and keep it in sunlight while you rest in the shade while taking breaks. This way, you don’t really waste the precious sunny hours of the day. Furthermore, thanks to its large size, you can easily carry a lot of stuff, which makes it ideal for students or travel enthusiasts. Also, the stylish design of the bag makes it appealing to people of all age groups.

FARAZ Solar Waterproof Anti-Theft Backpack

If you are in search of a compact and ultra-stylish backpack that has a solar panel in it, then this product from FARAZ should surely interest you. Here, you get a solar panel that gives 6W power output, which should help charge your devices safely. With assorted compartments inside the bag, you can keep your laptop, a tab or a kindle, books, and other accessories with ease. Furthermore, it comes with an anti-theft design with the bag opening only from the rear end. Another cool feature of this backpack is that it is waterproof as well, making it perfect for all kinds of weather. Protection Status