Affordable portable blenders to make juices on the go on Amazon India

By Siddharth Parwatay | Published 21 May 2021 10:56 IST
Affordable portable blenders to make juices on the go on Amazon India
Affordable portable blenders to make juices on the go on Amazon India

Blenders and juicers are great for fitness enthusiasts. They can help us prepare nutritious juices and smoothies in no time at home. However, what happens when you step out? To avoid skipping your diet, you can get a portable blender that can be carried around with you. For maximum portability, the model should have easy USB charging and adequate safety measures. Here are some models available on Amazon that promise a great combination of capable features and powerful specifications. 

ROYAL STEP Rechargeable Portable Electric USB Juice Maker

The Royal Step juicer’s USB charging feature makes it easy to charge using a laptop, a power bank or even a car charger. The included Smart Safety Protection Device keeps the device safe and protected from overload. Its cup can be separated from the base, allowing you to clean it easily. With a 304 Stainless Steel blade, the blender promises to be highly durable. Its robustness is further amplified by the use of ABS for the cup holder and silicon for the seal ring. The design also features a strainer that can help you pour the contents easily without any pulp or fibres slipping through. 

Milford Portable Electric USB Juice Maker

The multi-function operation of the MIlfort portable juice maker allows you to use it for smoothies, juices and vegetable extracts with equal ease. The small body allows you to carry it around to your office, parks, camping and more. This is further enhanced by its low 220g weight. Convenient USB charging means you can easily power it up even if it runs out. A 2000mAh battery ensures you can use it many times on one single charge. Its magnetic sensing switch design keeps the base safe to clean while the top is detached. The convenient lanyard cable makes it easy to attach to use when you’re outdoors.

Risentshop Rechargeable Portable Electric Mini USB Juicer

On a full charge, the 2000mAh battery of the Risentshop electric juicer aims for ten to twelve blending sessions, giving you more than a week of use if used once per day. The 380ml capacity of the blender can generate enough output for multiple glasses. It has a one-key operation that saves time and effort on your part, allowing you to focus on other tasks. With a stainless steel blade and ABS build, the design of the model aims for high durability. Additionally, all material used for the jar is certified food grade, ensuring your safety and health. 

KS Present Hand Held 4 Blades Portable USB Electric Blender

The KS Portable blender has indicator lights on the front, which show you the state of operation. The strainer included in the lid ensures that no pulp or seeds slip through when you pour the blended juices. The convenient USB charging ensures it is always available for your usage as long as a compatible smartphone charger, laptop, or even a car charger is present nearby. The lightweight and compact design let you travel with it without any problems. With a secure magnetic fit, you can rest assured about any accidental slippage when you’re using it.

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