Affordable mixer grinders to consider for your kitchen on Amazon India

By Siddharth Parwatay | Published on 22 Aug 2020
Affordable mixer grinders to consider for your kitchen on Amazon India
Affordable mixer grinders to consider for your kitchen on Amazon India

It would be an understatement to call mixer-grinders useful. In any modern kitchen, these equipment are an essential part of the process of cooking. Making quick work of smoothies and milkshakes comes naturally to any good mixer grinder, and they also take care of all your chutneys, purees, pastes and powdering needs. With the right accessories and controls, a mixer grinder can even cut down your cooking time with its efficiency. To pick the right one, look for the right balance between power and features. Here are some great options, available at Amazon, that feature 500-watt motors and have promising features, without pushing your budget too high.

Lifelong Power Pro

Focussing on a compact design, the Lifelong Power Pro comes with three jars to give you adequate options in your preparations. The 500W motor promises to take care of even ingredients like dal for your recipes. You get a three-speed toggle that allows you to get the results you need with greater finesse and without having to overload the system all at once. The three jars come with tight-fitting lids that won’t come off during operation and are made of stainless steel for extended durability. The main body also has anti-skid feet to ensure maximum stability even at full power 

Signoracare Eco Plus

The Eco Plus mixer grinder from Signoraware features an ABS shockproof body that prioritises your safety during operation. Additionally, the body is held stable by its anti-skid feet that operate via vacuum suction. The rubber gaskets that secure the jar lids to the jars are designed to provide an extra secure fit. Along with three power levels, you also get the pulse setting that gives chunkier results, which is achieved by the instant start and stop of the pulse function. Additionally, the Eco Plus mixer grinder from Signoraware also comes with an automatic shutoff function for safety purposes.

Cello Lifestyle Mixer Grinder

A durable build is at the heart of the Cello Lifestyle Mixer Grinder. The model comes with impact-resistant blades in all of its jars, both made from stainless steel. That gives the build a toughness that adds stability. This stability is enhanced by the high-quality nylon coupling between the jars and the main body, as well as break resistant lids that resist spillage. The big 1.2-litre jar comes with a handle that stays cool even during operation and promises a comfortable grip. The jars are designed with wide mouths for easy cleaning.

Butterfly Hero

The blades inside the jars on the Butterfly Hero mixer grinder assure extra sharpness that combined with the motor’s promised 17000 – 20000 RPM performance, aims to deliver grinding and blending that can be top of the line. The easy-to-use knob on the mixer grinder offers you quick access to the three levels of speed as well as a Whip mode that is useful for quick milkshakes or coarse grinding. The large blending jar on the Butterfly Hero comes with an ergonomic handle design that promises to enhance your grip and make loading-unloading easier. The jars are made of stainless steel that also makes them rust-resistant and secure enough to handle your food.

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