Add more HDMI ports to your TV with the help of these HDMI switches on Amazon India

By Rishabh | Published 17 Jan 2022 15:21 IST
Add more HDMI ports to your TV with the help of these HDMI switches on Amazon India
Add more HDMI ports to your TV with the help of these HDMI switches on Amazon India

While TVs mostly come with enough HDMI ports, some users need more than the stock offering. For users who want to hook up more than two or three input devices to their TVs at once, an HDMI splitter or an HDMI switcher is a must-have. These are cost-effective gadgets that promise ease of use and enhanced functionality. HDMI switchers are hassle-free and add several ports to connect your various devices. You can switch between them on the fly. So, now you can plug in your game console, laptop, set-top box, and other devices to a TV at once and switch between the various input devices. 

Sounce 3-Port HDMI Switch 4K, 3x1 Switcher 

Boasting 3 HDMI ports, this switcher can increase the total number of HDMI ports you have- and if you have a lot of presentations and entertainment to take care of, it's going to come in handy. It has one physical switch that helps you change the inputs on the fly and switch between multiple connected devices. This means you can link a game console, your laptop and Chromecast, all at once. Users who switch between input methods for various entertainment forms will benefit significantly from this HDMI switcher. What’s neat is that it is capable of 4K streaming, so you can enjoy games and content in high resolution. 

Kinivo Premium 4K HDMI Switch/Splitter HDMI Switcher

With two HDMI ports, this switcher will enhance your content viewing experience. It has a dial at the top which can be used to switch between input devices on the fly. Both the HDMI ports support 4K streaming, which lets you enjoy content in high definition, be it videos, images or games. It is a highly versatile HDMI switcher built to handle the needs of power users and those with multiple input devices. 

Sounce HDMI Switch 2 in 1 Out 4K 60hz HDMI Switcher 2 Port

Working on a desk with a monitor has never been so convenient. You can place this splitter down and link up to two devices. As your work requires different input devices, you can switch on the fly without having to go through the hassle of taking out the cable and plugging it in again and again. This also saves your TV or monitor HDMI port from wear and tear in the long run. The dial at the top is made to be easy to use and features a one-switch operation. All in all, it is a good option for desktop workers who plug in multiple laptops or systems to a display. 

UGREEN HDMI Switch 4K HDMI Splitter

This HDMI switcher promises to make your desk appear cleaner with a sleek and stylish design. You no longer need to keep multiple cables at your side - simply hook up your devices to the splitter and switch between them on the fly. It has support for all kinds of input devices, making it great for versatile users who work and want to be entertained. With the press of a button, you can swap between multiple input sources. The splitter supports 10.2Gbps data transmission bandwidth and can handle 4K@60Hz. 

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