Acupressure slippers for Gentle foot massage on Amazon India

By Akarshitha Yaji | Published 24 Nov 2021 19:03 IST
Acupressure slippers for Gentle foot massage on Amazon India
Acupressure slippers for Gentle foot massage on Amazon India

Relax your feet and induce pain relief with the help of these Acupressure slippers ideally designed for a gentle foot massage.

Acupressure is an age-old technique that uses the concept of life energy that flows through our body. This is a manual therapy technique that is used to relieve pain and stress from your body and has many health benefits like improved blood circulation, enhanced digestion and metabolism and is proven to be beneficial for people suffering from conditions like neuropathies, joint disease and sciatica. You can read below to know more about the acupressure slippers available on Amazon which you can buy to give yourself a gentle foot massage.

Lumony acupressure therapy sandals

The Lumony acupressure therapy sandals have an ergonomic design featuring an ergonomic sole which gives you added comfort while walking. These foot massager slippers are specially designed to stimulate the nerve endings on the sole of the feet which improves blood circulation and relieves pain by giving a massaging action to your feet. Walking in these Lumony acupressure therapy sandals will promote healthy blood flow, improve oxygen, induce relaxation and pain relief, which re-energise your feet and legs giving you a fresh and relaxing experience. These are made from a high-quality wear-resisting rubber material which not only gives comfort while wearing but is also durable. The adjustable strap and removable knobs on these allow you to easily clean these slippers and also provide ease of wearing. With their durable and efficient design, these sandals are ideal for inducing relaxation and improving blood circulation.

Dazibao spring acupressure and magnetic therapy Accu paduka slippers

When looking for acupressure slippers that will relieve your frequent leg cramps and give you complete relaxation, these Dazibao spring acupressure and magnetic therapy Accu paduka slippers might be the right choice for you. By stimulating the right pressure points on your feet, these accu paduka slippers induce total body relaxation. The high-grade quality material which is used in making these allows for efficient use and also gives comfort while using. There are up to 78 rotational massage heads that provide accurate pressure on your feet and have multiple benefits like enhancing energy levels, improving eye problems, improving concentration and enhancing digestion and metabolism. The sole thickness of 3 mm provides great comfort while walking.

Heathfit acupressure therapy indoor and outdoor slippers

These Heathfit acupressure therapy indoor and outdoor slippers are made from an extra soft MCR-PU material which gives you an easy feel and comfort that gives you an added relaxation while wearing these slippers both indoors and outdoors. The non-binding relaxed fit design and maximum protection provided by these claim to offer the most comfortable walking experience. Each of these Heathfit acupressure therapy slippers has 1000 rubber nodules on the footbed that massage the foot and stimulate the right pressure points which have positive effects on the overall body functions and help relieve fatigue and boost energy. The shock-absorbing cushioning system of these slippers protects your legs and prevents injuries by absorbing shocks when walking on hard or uneven surfaces.

Ramdev acupressure unistar unisex slippers

The Ramdev acupressure unistar unisex slippers use the principles of reflexology to stimulate pressure points on your feet and have a positive effect on the connected organs which helps to improve bodily functions. The nodules present on the footbed of these unisex slippers create pressure on the sole of your foot and give a massaging action that relieves pain and stress while also improving blood circulation. These provide acupressure and a magnetic effect which works wonders in inducing relaxation in your feet and eases fatigue. 

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