Abacus for simple and complex math problems on Amazon India

By Akarshitha Yaji | Published 24 Nov 2021 18:44 IST
Abacus for simple and complex math problems on Amazon India
Abacus for simple and complex math problems on Amazon India

Make learning fun with the help of Abacus which can be used to teach your kids both simple and complex math problems.

Abacus is an ancient calculating tool that can be used for various mathematical calculations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division or even for basic counting. The design of this tool which consists of colourful beads makes it a great tool for teaching kids. Its high accuracy helps solve both simple and complex mathematical problems. Although it was created centuries ago, this calculation tool is still popular in this day and age and is highly used for teaching kids to improve not just their mathematical but also cognitive and motor learning skills. You can use an abacus to help your kids solve basic as well as complicated mathematical problems without making them lose interest in the subject, as the unique design of the abacus tools keeps their attention engaged. Read on to know more about Abacus which you can easily buy on Amazon and use to solve simple and complex math problems.

Giggles Abacus

This Giggles Abacus is designed keeping your child’s safety in mind and comes with colourful beads which are coloured using child-safe paint. Also, children often tend to drop or accidentally break things, which is why this Giggles Abacus comes with a durable design that is not easily breakable. The vibrant and appealing beads which are used to learn calculations make this Giggles Abacus attractive to children and give an impression of a toy to make learning more fun for the kids. Attracted to these colourful beads, children want to grasp, slide and play with them which is equally important in their development. This Giggles Abacus is a great tool for teaching new mathematical concepts to children while also encouraging the learning of basic concepts like counting, colours and shapes. This is also a great tool to develop and improve hand to eye coordination in young children.

Trinkets and more wooden calculation shelf or Abacus

This Trinkets and more wooden calculation shelf or Abacus is designed by keeping in mind your child’s level of understanding. The unique and intuitive Montessori design of this tool gives it a child-friendly look and makes it easy for your child to understand the working of the toy. Each side of this abacus calculation board depicts different calculation concepts—one side depicts addition while the other depicts subtraction, which helps to give your child a broader view of calculation concepts and makes them a little more easy to understand. The many colourful, smooth-edged beads and open-ended play of this help to stimulate your child’s learning skills and improve their motor skills as well as hand to eye coordination while also enhancing the whole learning experience by making it more fun. The bright patterns, colours and numbers on the Abacus help improve the child’s cognitive and logical skills. With its lightweight design, this abacus from Trinket is easy to carry anywhere and allows your child to learn in different surroundings.

Prof. Simon Soroban plastic Abacus

This Prof. Simon Soroban plastic Abacus is a 13 digit abacus that is an ideal learning tool for children above 7 years of age and is suitable to be used in Abacus learning classes which are becoming highly popular these days. This Abacus is equipped with many multicoloured beads which attract the child and makes them curious and excited about the tool. Using this excitement from the children, you can easily start teaching them some basic as well as complex mathematical concepts and calculations of the abacus. It comes with a free canvas cloth carry pouch which makes it easy for you to carry it around and even makes it easy to store. The strong yet lightweight plastic frame ensures that it isn’t too heavy for your child to carry around, but is strong enough to give a long-lasting and durable use. The child-friendly design and multicoloured beads make it a great tool to make learning fun for your child.

THY collectibles vintage style wooden Abacus

This THY collectibles vintage style wooden Abacus is a 17 digit professionally designed abacus that is suitable for advanced abacus users and is extremely useful for both practical and educational purposes. This is made of a wooden frame which gives it a strong and durable design. The reset button on this abacus helps the child to reset all the beads into their original position after every calculation. The base of this vintage style wooden Abacus is formed by non-barring anti-skid rubber feet which make sure that the abacus doesn’t skid while being used to give your child an uninterrupted learning experience. With its professional and practical design, this is not just a great tool for teaching mathematical concepts to children but can also be used for practical purposes. 

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