Over 900 watt mixer grinders for powerful blending and mixing on Amazon India

By Alvin Andrew Cabral | Published on 22 Mar 2021
Over 900 watt mixer grinders for powerful blending and mixing on Amazon India
Over 900 watt mixer grinders for powerful blending and mixing on Amazon India

When it comes to blending, mixing and grinding different food items like fruits, vegetables, spices and pulses, know that the more powerful the motor, the better the result. If you want top-notch performance for all these kitchen chores, then here are four high power 900W mixer grinders that you can get on Amazon. Note that they have been selected based on their listed features.

Nutribullet Pro

If you are looking for a powerful and multi-purpose mixer grinder, then the Nutribullet Pro can be a good option to consider. It has a 900W motor base on top of which you can attach the bullet-shaped jars to blend, mix, chop, mince and perform other such kitchen chores with ease thanks to the robust motor. It has a 709ml tall cup, a 532ml short cup and a 532ml short cup with a handle. The best part about all these jars is that you can use them as storage containers as well by attaching the right lids to them. Use the jar with the handle to prepare your favourite smoothie and attach the lip ring to it, and you are good to use it as a mug. Finally, the compact size of the machine saves a lot of your kitchen countertop’s space.

Sujata Powermatic Plus

Here is a robust mixer grinder from Sujata that has a juicer jar and a mixer jar with it to give you an efficient all-round performance. The appliance is powered by a 900W motor with double-ball bearings, which should give you a smooth and strong performance. The juicer has a specialized honeycomb filter mesh, which ensures that you get a smooth juice with no remnants of the fruit extracts. The mixer grinder jar can be used for all kinds of grinding purposes, be it to prepare batter or to grind spices. As per company claims, the powerful motor runs the blades at 2200RPM. It can operate for 90 minutes straight, enabling you to use the grinder for a long time when the situation calls for it. Furthermore, the material used to build the machine is totally shockproof, as claimed by the brand, so you need not be afraid of that bit.

Sujata Dynamix DX

Here is an efficient mixer grinder with three different jars from Sujata that runs on a powerful 900W motor. Thanks to the double ball bearing system in place, the motor should be able to deliver a durable and longer performance and also make the appliance easy to maintain, as per company claims. It has one big jar with a dome lid on it for wet grinding and two smaller jars for dry and chutney grinding, making it an all-purpose grinding machine. Furthermore, it offers 90 minutes of continuous operation, enabling you to use it for long times, as per company claims. It has a 3-speed rotary switch and a whipper button for momentary action, which comes in handy while preparing milkshakes. Finally, it gives you a shockproof and vibration-free performance, as per company claims.

Bosch TrueMixx Pro

The 1000 W TrueMixx Pro is one heavy duty appliance which ticks a whole lot of boxes in the kitchen. It has four jars of varying sizes for different requirements: a 1.5 litre wet grinding jar, a 1 litre medium-sized dry grinding jar, a 0.4 litre chutney grinding jar and a 1.5 litre blender jar. The mixer itself has an elegant chrome finish over a durable ABS body and is supported by rubber suction feet. The stainless steel jars have lid locks and the blades are themselves also of high quality stainless steel. Also included are a spatula for changing blades and the unique pounding blade for the medium-sized jar, which, being blunt and having thick edges, replicates the original stone pounding process for grinding spices, thus retaining their coarsely ground flavour. The active flow breaker causes ingredients to fall more evenly on the blades during wet grinding, by obstructing their rotational flow and ensuring better aeration and fluffier batter. Analogously, the blender jar comes with the MaxxJuice extractor fruit filter, which results in creamier, more whipped up smoothies and shakes. Finally, as powerful as this mixie is, it is quite possible that it could find itself being forced to operate beyond its specifications. That is when its overload protector automatically switches off the motor, thus saving both the appliance and the user.  

Sunmeet Galaxy

The Sunmeet Galaxy Mixer-Grinder is the perfect kitchen appliance for the average ‘no frills but plenty under the bonnet’ kind of person. It comes with just two jars: a 1.5 litre large wet jar and a 350 ml bullet dry jar. The mixer itself is a heavy-loaded unit made of durable ABS with a silver coloured finish and houses a 100% copper wire motor to handle the densest of edible mixtures at a rotational speed of 18,000 rpm. Being rated at 1000W, it can grind down the driest of masalas and the hardest of fruits and vegetables, and smoothen the thickest of batters and other coagulant semi-solid foods. The entire appliance is built for stability, from the rubber suction feet to the tough plastic coupler, which firmly holds the jars to the mixer. The unit has an advanced air ventilation system to ensure that the motor cools down quickly, while the overload protector feature ensures that the motor doesn’t heat up beyond its rated temperature.    

Balzano High Speed Nutrition Extractor

This mixer has a universal blade made of hardened stainless steel which can handle any kind of ingredient, whether for grinding, mixing or blending. Its three jars (700 ml, 600 ml and 350 ml) are made of a plastic material called tritan, which is dishwasher durable. There are two lids to these: a lip ring and a flip top lid (for liquids). The 1200W high-torque, copper motor has overload protection and can even cause the blades to break down the cell wall of fibrous plant foods, releasing nutrients which were previously inaccessible to most palettes. Operation is as simple as pushing three buttons: one for mixing/grinding (labelled On/Off), one for blending (labelled ‘Blend’, but obviously) and one for chopping/crushing (labelled ‘Pulse’). Finally, there is the double safety interlock system, in which the coupler-blade complex will only start spinning when the jar and main unit are securely locked in together. 

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