600W mixer grinders for a little extra power on Amazon India

By Siddharth Parwatay | Published on 11 Sep 2020
600W mixer grinders for a little extra power on Amazon India
600W mixer grinders for a little extra power on Amazon India

A mixer grinder is perhaps the most versatile appliance you use in your kitchen. From making your pastes and purees to grinding your spices and herbs, and even taking care of your smoothies and milkshakes – it can do a lot. Hence, it is essential to get one that offers you just the right amount of power – too much, and it’s of no use, too little, and you’ll get unsatisfactory results. With that in mind, we’ve shortlisted some impressive 600W mixers and grinders available on Amazon that offer the best combination of specifications and features for your home.

Bosch Appliances TrueMixx Bold

The Bosch Appliances TrueMixx Bold mixer grinder comes with Stone Pounding Technology that delivers superior dry grinding results. The powerful high torque motor and a blunt pounding blade combine to recreate the taste and textures of authentic Indian spices. The pounding blade skips sharp edges for blunt ones to create better impact force for coarsely pounded results. In the internals, the nylon couplers used by the model add durability by ensuring minimal wear and tear over time. The lid locks on the model also make it possible to use it hands-free without worrying about spillage. The motor is also rated for 30 minutes continuous use which allows you to go for longer sessions without any problems.

Philips HL1643/04 

The Philips 600W mixer grinder comes with Reverse Quadra Flow jars that prevent the ingredients from sticking to its walls while grinding. The “lift and grind” blades on the model promise results with uniform consistency every time. To ensure safety during operation, the Philips mixer grinder also comes with an auto shut off feature – for situations like overheating or power surge. The non-slip feet on the model promise a stable experience, holding the machine in place, even when it is running at maximum speed setting. There’s a useful indicator on the model to convey the availability of power, helping you troubleshoot any malfunctions.

Bajaj Hexagrind

The Hexagrind mixer grinder from Bajaj comes with the Tetraflow technology that uses flow breakers on the jars to ensure even mixing and grinding. The model also comes with a multitasker blade that is capable of multiple grinding and blending jobs, helping you take care of many requirements without having to change blades or jars. When you do need to change, there are three options to choose from – a liquidising jar, a dry grinding jar and a chutney jar. There’s also a pure copper motor on the Hexagrind, which ensures longer, more durable performance.

Havells GHFMGAGE060 

The Havells 600W mixer grinder comes with a cord-winder functionality that helps you wrap things faster, making storage easy and convenient. The jars are made with SS-202 stainless steel, while the blades are of SS-304. Hence, both are highly durable and resistant to rust, corrosion or staining. SS-304 is food-grade steel, which means the blades don’t affect the taste of the food even when they heat up. The model is made with high-quality shockproof ABS plastic that keeps you protected from electrical incidents. While the 18000RPM performance gets you more satisfactory results every time, the inbuilt load-protector keeps the motor safe even under high load.

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