5 metre USB-Powered LED light strips on Amazon India

By Alvin Andrew Cabral | Published on 26 Nov 2020
5 metre USB-Powered LED light strips on Amazon India
5 metre USB-Powered LED light strips on Amazon India

Let there be light ... but not too much of it. Smaller parties or gatherings don't need long light strings. So, instead of a 10 m string, a 5 m one would well suffice to light up the evening. The 5 m strip is also eminently more desirable when an object which has to be draped with the strip around it is not too large, and hence does not require a longer light strip. So, say you went on a summer camping and want to make 'light' of events, the 5 m light strip (comprising 50 LEDs) should be just your size. Let's browse the following 5 m USB-powered LED light strips on Amazon. 

XERGY Fairy String Lights

XERGY’s light strip is composed of two copper wires twisted together but flexible enough to be shaped around virtually any object. The LEDs are rated at 50,000 hours lighting life and emit a soft, warm white light. The USB requires only a 5V supply voltage, eliminating your fears of electric shocks. The copper wires are properly insulated and waterproof, having IP65 protection, but the USB has to be protected from splashes of water.

Dripping Colors String Lights

The Dripping Colors set has a 1 m long USB cable, so your lights don’t have to be too close to the USB port powering them. The LEDs have a low power consumption and yet lend a steady illumination in all directions. The string can be draped along the boughs of a tree or lowered into translucent vases or simply looped around diyas. With the exception of the USB power connector and the USB cable, the light string itself is waterproof and so can be used in either the rain or even underwater, like, say, in a fish tank. 

FizzyTech String Fairy Lights

The FizzyTech set has the same standard specifications as the others in this list, namely, a 5V USB plug, low power consumption, and a flexible and waterproof copper wire. The wire has a lacquer finish to it, ensuring its insulation. But this product has a genuine USP. Its LEDs are multi-coloured (at least three different colours), making your occasion a truly kaleidoscopic fiesta. This is definitely one that the kids will want to have in their room. 

Solimo (Amazon Brand) String Lights

This Amazon product is slightly longer (at 5.5 m) and composed of a dual 0.35 mm thick copper wire insulated by an acrylic finish. It has all the standard features shared by the other products, but can boast of having successfully passed as many as 33 tests, 11 of which were electrical related and 7 of which were performance related. With that under its belt, you can safely 'light up' indoors and enjoy the glow.

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