4 technology gifts for your kids on Amazon India

By Afrah Khan | Published 16 Sep 2021 15:40 IST
4 technology gifts for your kids on Amazon India
4 technology gifts for your kids on Amazon India

Get ahead of time and give your kids some technically advanced gifts that can make their learning journey fun and interactive!

Every parent and elder wants to give the best childhood, facilities and upbringing to their children. While you can always enrol them in good schools and teach them moral values, finding the right gift for important occasions is always a challenge. Be it birthdays or simply acknowledging their efforts, giving your children a gift that is advanced and educational is of paramount importance, so here are few gifts that might keep them entertained. 

N V Enterprise Portable LCD Writing Board

If you plan to give your children a present on their upcoming birthday or celebrate their good grades, then this LCD writing board slate might make a good gift! The N V portable LCD writing board slate has an 8.5 inches LCD screen which is large enough for your kids to draw, doodle and create creative artwork comfortably. So if you advocate feeding your kid’s imagination creatively but don’t want to waste tons of notepads and paper for the purpose, its one-clear function might come in handy as you can reuse it by clearing the screen with a single press of a button! It has a sturdy build, and its makers claim that this durable board is shatter-proof and is made of non-toxic material to ensure your ward’s safety. The pressure-sensitive LCD doesn’t emit blue rays, radiation or glare and has a replaceable battery that lasts quite long. Last but not least, its smart lock function ensures that your kid doesn’t delete important work by mistake.

Carvaan Saregama Mini Kids

If you are a working parent, there may have been countless moments when you wonder how you could monitor your kid's screen time, ensure that they aren't exposed to inappropriate content and learn things that truly matter. if you share the concerns stated above, then the Caravan store has something for you! The Carvaan Saregama Mini Kids is a small radio which comes preloaded with over 60 rhymes (in English and Hindi), essential educational content and more than 280 bedtime stories! It also has a vital learning mode that contains numbers and alphabets etc., for an overall development! Designed while keeping young kids in mind, this portable device comes with a USB port and is also compatible with AUX and Bluetooth so that you can play it anytime and anywhere. The device plays an instrumental role in reducing your kids' screen time and doesn't have internet connectivity so that you can hand it over to your kids without any worries!

Shifu Orboot Earth

Appropriate for kids aged between 4 to 10 years, this award-winning game by Shifu can prove to be a fun and educational gift for your ward. The Shifu Orboot earth is an award-winning educational toy that helps build cognitive and learning skills through an interactive AR globe that connects your children with the world in a fun-loving and interactive manner!  Reboot encourages the little ones to explore and discover the world on their own. Compatible with iPad (5th gen and above),iPad Mini2 (and above), iPhone 6 (and above) and Android phones with 3GB RAM or more, the Orboot app is free and can be used to learn History, Geography, Environmental Science, etc. It also comes with a 10" globe, passport, country flag stickers, help guide and stamps to make the entire experience more realistic and fun! The kids can explore over 400 highlights across the globe and learn more than 1000 facts about different countries (facts are categorised into cultures, monuments, inventions, animals, maps and weather.

Butterfly EduFields Mechanical Toy Set 

If you want your child to be an engineer when they grow up, then you can start their training right away by gifting them a "Butterfly EduFields Mechanical Toy Set". This toy helps enhance their skills and also sharpens their minds so they can start thinking more creatively. This mechanical toy includes several components that enable the kids to create unique things such as electric-powered boats, solar-powered cars, water alarm systems, squishy electric circuits, monster trucks, walking robots, catapult shooters, geared motor cars and a lot of other things! There are more than 100 wooden toys in the kit, so your kids can use them as per their whims and make something innovative and enjoy the process! This kit can prove to be a great gift as it not only brings out the children's creative side but also helps them learn the structure and working of different machines and rouse their interest in the happenings around them.

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