4 gadgets for pet lovers on Amazon India

By Kajoli Anand | Published on 16 Mar 2020
4 gadgets for pet lovers on Amazon India
4 gadgets for pet lovers on Amazon India

As someone who dotes on their pets, you know that you’ll do anything to make their lives more convenient and happier! With so many technological innovations over the last decade, it’s not surprising to see that there are many great gadgets for pets available in the market. These gadgets can prove to be quite helpful for both, people who are often out of the home for long hours, and people who work out of home and spend a lot of time with their pets. While there’s a whole range of devices to choose from, the following are absolute must-haves. Check out these four good gadgets for pet lovers:

GoPro Fetch Dog Harness Mount for Camera

Many people love to share snippets of their lives on social media, and when your pets form such a large part of your life, then you certainly want to share their adorable antics too. The GoPro Fetch Dog Harness Mount for Camera lets you do exactly that. The harness comes with two harness mounts, with one located on the chest and one on the back, so that you can capture the way your little darling sees the world. The harness is an adjustable one, which means that it should easily fit dogs of different sizes. Don’t worry if your dog is an avid digger – the harness is quite easy to clean. You can either wash it by hand or put it in the washing machine.

Conbre MultipleXR2 V380 Pro

If you are a working professional, you probably worry about leaving your pets alone at home. The Conbre MultipleXR2 V380 Pro is a security camera that you can install indoors to keep an eye on your pets. The camera’s lens can be rotated vertically or horizontally with the help of an app so that you can always keep an eye on your pets. Do keep in mind that this particular camera works only on a 4G connection, and you must have a minimum speed of 2mbps. The Conbre MultipleXR2 V380 Pro has night vision too, and the company claims that its night vision can work up to 16ft, ensuring that you are able to see what’s happening in the room. Additionally, the camera detects motion too and will send an alert to your smartphone when it does.

AmazonBasics Large Gravity Pet Food Feeder and Water Dispenser Bundle

As a working professional who does not have a lot of control over his/her schedule, your pet’s meals can often be a cause for worry. The AmazonBasics Large Gravity Pet Food Feeder and Water Dispenser Bundle can help you eliminate all your stress about your pet’s meals as it uses gravity to continually replenish the bowls with dry food and water. Of course, if your pet is a greedy glut, he/she may end up constantly eating the food each time it’s replenished – however, most dogs and cats do learn after a point that the food isn’t running away and that they should only eat it when they are actually hungry. The containers are easy to clean – you can do so by hand by using soap. Don’t worry about the feeder and dispenser falling over because these come with skid-proof rubber feet that should prevent it from slipping and sliding away.

Latiq Mart Comfy Pet Bathing Tool

Bath time can often be a dramatic one as far as your pet is concerned, with them constantly trying to slip away. When you’ve got one hand preventing your dog from running out of the bathroom, reaching for multiple cleaning items can be a chore. This is where the Latiq Mart Comfy Pet Bathing Tool comes into play. With a built-in sprayer and scrubber head that’s easily attachable to your hand, you can scrub them with soap and spray them down without having to reach for a different tool. The tool is made of soft rubber and plastic to prevent it from hurting your dog when you’re shampooing them. One of the biggest advantages of using something like this is that it should reduce the time spent in the bathroom, letting your anxious dog breathe easy.

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