25L Vertical water heaters for hot water baths

By Siddharth Parwatay | Published on 14 Nov 2020
25L Vertical water heaters for hot water baths
25L Vertical water heaters for hot water baths

If you've ever felt that the shower water is too cold and runs out too quickly, you're not alone. Getting a storage water heater gives you the ability to have continuous hot water delivered straight through your plumbing. Not only does this make things convenient, but it also makes the hot water safer to get and use - as compared to the traditional method of heating it manually. Whether it is for a comforting shower or for washing clothes more effectively, a good water heater can do wonders. For a medium to a large family, a 25L water heater is the right choice. Here are some options available on Amazon, chosen on the basis of their features and specifications.


The heavy gauge alloy steel tank on the AO Smith SDS-Green vertical water heater comes with Blue Diamond Glass-Lining which ensures greater corrosion resistance. The glass coating on the heating element also increases durability, while its folded design ensures uniform heating and efficiency. The lining between the tank and the exterior features PUF injection tech, which ensures zero gaps in the foam. This delivers superior insulation and keeps the water hot for longer. The inlet water diffuser alters the flow of water from vertical to horizontal for uniform distribution of cold and hot water.

V-Guard Victo 25 L

Prioritizing safety, the V-Guard Victo 25L water heater comes with four protective features such as a thermostat, thermal cut-out, sacrificial anode and a multifunctional valve. These four features combine to make the Victo a safer choice to go with. While the thermostat offers accurate temperature control, the cut-off keeps you safe from extreme temperatures. The anode protects the interiors from corrosion while the multifunction valve keeps the heater safe from pressure damage. The entire structure is made robustly, with mild steel and corrosion-resistant Superior Powder Coating Technology on the outside and high-quality steel and glass-lined anti-Corrosive Coating on the inside.

Orient Electric Enamour Plus 25-Lite

The first thing you'll notice about the Orient Electric Enamour Plus is the unique diamond-shape design that is quite different from what is typically seen with water heaters. In addition to that, the water heater comes with a digital temperature display at the front that can tell you the accurate temperature setting. This helps in taking the guesswork out of the water heating process. It also comes with an eco-mode for optimized energy usage during its operations. The tank also has an anti-bacterial design which keeps your bath water free from harmful bacteria. In combination with a set of standard safety and insulation features, this makes the Orient Electric Enamor Plus a great device to consider.

Bajaj New Shakti Storage 25 Liter Vertical

The New Shakti Storage water heater from Bajaj comes with a compact design that makes it convenient to install in most bathrooms, without compromising on the high storage capacity of 25 liters. The combination of the glass lining coated tank and the plastic exterior body promise a long-lasting heater. The PUF insulation present in the design assures that the hot water stays hot for longer by keeping the heat trapped within the water tank. Along with multiple safety systems to protect against overheating, dry heating and even excess pressure, it also comes with a fire-retardant cable extension for maximum safety.

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