20 metre LED light strip rolls on Amazon India

By Kajoli Anand | Published on 15 Feb 2021
20 metre LED light strip rolls on Amazon India
20 metre LED light strip rolls on Amazon India

Restaurants, movie theaters, even homes during festive seasons like Diwali look more attractive and easily catch the eye when they have light strip rolls wound around their ceilings or along their walls. Here are four such LED light strip rolls, each 20 meters long, which you might want to buy.

Radiato ES LED Strip

Radiato ES's product is a blue light strip. The roll itself is flexible and easy to use and runs on a 220V supply. (An adapter is provided with the roll.) The LEDs are power saving and long lasting, with a lighting life of 50,000 hours, and a working temperature of 20 ° C to 50 ° C. The roll is IP67 certified, which means that it is protected against immersion in water.  

Mufasa LED Strip

This roll has 120 LEDs per metre of its length which emit pink light. It is IP65 waterproof certified, which means that it is protected against only water splashes but not water immersion. The LEDs are virtually unbreakable, have a very long life and cut electricity costs by up to 80% compared to ordinary bulbs. The roll includes an adapter and the input voltage is a low 12 V DC.

Tecticon LED Rope

Tecticon's roll has 120 LEDs per metre which emit a yellow (warm white) light. The LEDs are power saving, of high luminosity and long lighting life (about 50,000 hours). The entire roll is wrapped in flexible plastic and is IP65 certified. 

Radiato ES Led Strip

The Radiato ES Led Strip has a thick silicone coating that can be bent around the contours of your home quite easily, making it a handy light strip during festivals and celebrations. The brand claims that these lights can last for 50,000 hours, and this should mean you won’t have to worry about its life. Note that the light delivers warm white light, which means it can work with warm indoor lighting and tube lighting. As this light is waterproof, you can also use it to decorate a poolside space.

Puffin LED Strip Light

The Puffin LED Strip Light delivers bright white light and can be a great option for enhancing your home décor during parties. An interesting feature of this rope light is that it can be cut into smaller pieces without damaging the product. You’ll find a driver plug in the box that will enable you to use this as two different lights once you’ve cut it. The Puffin LED Strip Light is also waterproof, so you can use it during the monsoon without worrying about short-circuits. The rope contains a total of 120 LED lights, ensuring that it’ll light up any space.

M Macor 3014 Led Strip Rope Light

If you want jazzy lighting to lend your parties a unique ambience, then the M Macor 3014 Led Strip Rope Light might be the perfect choice for you. This is because these LED lights are fuchsia pink and should look good when plugged in. The rope light has 120 bulbs and has a PVC coating that has an IP65 rating, indicating that it is water-resistant. You can cut this light into two ropes – there’s a cutting mark placed in the middle of the light to ensure the product does not get damaged when you to do. The rope light is made of 100% copper wires, which should go a long way in ensuring safety while you use the product.

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