Thumb grips for PS4 controllers on Amazon India
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Thumb grips for PS4 controllers on Amazon India

If you are a pro-PS4-gamer who loves to play games that require precise and fast inputs through thumb controllers, thumb grips can make that easy to use.

Amar Kondekar  | Published 23 Feb 2021 10:44 IST

There is no secret that the DualShock 4's drawback is its domed and slippery analogue sticks. If you are a pro-gamer who loves to play all the game sessions with full comfort on your PS4, you should not compromise with anything. Adding the thumb grips to your PS4 controller will give you an edge while playing games of any genre.

KontrolFreek Thumb Grips for PS4

Elevate your gaming experience with the performance thumbsticks. The Kontrol Freek provides for the ultimate gaining experience. The benefits include improved accuracy, more range of motion, enhanced grips and lighting fast speed. Get the world’s most advanced grips, which is fit for your entire gaming experience, whether it is Playstation, Xbox or Nintendo Switch.  

New World Analog Extenders Rocker Supercap

Add a little extra comfort and boost your gameplay efforts. The extenders are enough to prevent your fingers from slipping. Besides, silicone caps get the extra leverage and precision you always want in gameplay. The basic extenders package comes with two high-quality grips. Save your controller analogue sticks from any wear and tear by having a superior grip. 


The MPF-6 Pop filter is the real noise protection equipment you require. It has been designed for professional and studio use. It eliminates any popping sounds, causing any distractions and helps protect against saliva accumulation on the microphone. If you want to protect your mic, the MPF-6 pop filter is the best bet. 

TCOS TECH Thumb Stick Thumb Grips Silicone Key Protector Anti Slip Cap Analog Cover for PS4

TCOS TECH offers gamers a chance to raise their favourite game performance with the use of this phenomenal thumb grip. Its ring-like bumpy surface helps in keeping your thumbs from slipping. This thumb grip will provide you with an added grip and add pleasure to your gameplay. Its silicon caps extend gamers enough leverage and accuracy in playing FPS, racing, and sports games.

FOXMICRO Red King's Choice 2Pair

Foxmicro offers a thumbstick grip cover that can be used for PS3/ PS4/ Xbox and Wii Controllers. It is easy to install and simple to use. Just turn the caps and pop over the sticks. Using simple grip add-ons, you can enhance your gaming experience. It is made of high-quality silicone, which provides comfort and durability. The accurate and sensitive design will enable you to enjoy the gaming experience.

Electomania Replacement Cat Pad

It’s a cat-pad silicone thumb to cap cover which is compatible with multiple game stations such as PS3, PS4, Xbox One and Xbox 360. It provides an enhanced analogue game controller, which provides for better protection of the controllers. The non-slip surface provides for better grip and an enhanced gaming experience.

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