Educational indoor games for kids under 10 on Amazon India
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Educational indoor games for kids under 10 on Amazon India

Have a blast teaching your kids maths and spelling with these fun education indoor games for kids under 10.

Kajoli Anand Puri  | Published 20 Apr 2021 17:50 IST

A child’s education doesn’t begin and end in school. As parents, you’ve got to make learning fun for your children, and what better way to do so than gamifying learning and participating in the process yourself? Playing educational indoor games with your children can inspire them to learn more while also helping you bond with your child in a whole new way. The following games are ideal for children under 10 years of age and are all available on Amazon. 

Fair Educational Spelling Game

The Fair Educational Spelling Game is perfect for children above three years old and just learning to spell. The game requires children to look at pictures and then pick out the alphabets from a bunch for the same. While the game does show how to spell specific words, it helps children memorise the spelling, associate the words with pictures to understand the meanings, and even learn to pronounce words correctly if you’re planning to make them say the words out loud. The alphabets are written on soft blocks with rounded edges so that your child does not get hurt.

Seven Moon Wooden Tetris Puzzle

The Seven Moon Wooden Tetris Puzzle is a great option for parents who want their children to learn problem-solving without having them rely on screens. This game brings the classic Tetris to life - it comes with a board to place pieces on, along with 40 pieces in different geometric shapes that your child can play with. Watch your child make a series of designs by using the pieces in varying ways. The bright wooden blocks are painted with non-toxic paint and are safe enough for children over three years. 

SYGA Wooden Mathematics Learning Toy

Maths is such an important subject that most parents want their little kids to learn the basics from an early age. The SYGA Wooden Mathematics Learning Toy can help you with that. The game includes a board with blank squares and different stickers with numbers and maths symbols. All you need to do is create a math problem for your child (example: 49 - 33 = ) and then watch your child pick up the right numbers to stick on the board. This game should make learning fun for your child. 

Growing Minds Maths Quiz Wheel 

Here’s another maths game that offers endless hours of fun for you and your child. The wheels have a range of numbers and symbols, and by simply rotating any wheel, you can create a new maths problem for your child to solve. You can make infinite maths problems and test your child’s maths abilities daily. The wheels are made of wood with non-toxic paint and should be durable. This game is ideal for children between the ages of 3-7. 

ButterflyEduFields Memory Games

The ButterflyEduFields Memory Games is designed to enhance your child’s memory. The game has pegs and holes along with cards for your child to pick. Once the card is chosen, the child has to guess where the same drawing is on the board. According to the makers, this game can be played in many different ways like tic-tac-toe, memory games, and sudoku. This should prevent your child from growing tired of your game after a point. The game is suitable for children between 3-5 years of age. 

Skillmatics Premath and Numbers Mat 

The Skillmatics Premath and Numbers Mat is suitable for children between the ages of 3-6 years. The set includes six double-sided activity mats, two magnetic pens, one duster cloth and an achievement certificate that you can use to motivate your child. The game promises to build key skills such as observation, communication, logical reasoning, writing, focus and attention. Anything your child scribbles on the activity mats with the magnetic pens can be wiped off with the dust cloth. You should also be able to clean any accidental spills easily. 

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