Best nature-themed board games on Amazon India
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Best nature-themed board games on Amazon India

Explore the world of animals, birds, plants and more with these nature-themed board games for all ages.

Siddharth Parwatay  | Published 22 Apr 2021 14:54 IST

Our biosphere is highly diverse and rich, and it can never hurt to know more about it. That’s especially true when you can do so through a fun board game. Nature-themed board games offer a fun way to spend quality time at home while learning more about the world out there in the wild. From animals and birds to plants and more, these games offer unique mechanics to represent the natural world and teach us more about it. Here are some great nature-themed board games for you to choose from.


Built for bird enthusiasts and nature lovers alike, Wingspan is a game that offers a deeply interesting mechanic that involves bird cards, bonus cards, egg tokens, food tokens, food dice, action tokens and individual player boards. The goal of the game is to score the highest while building your aviary. The game takes place in four rounds, with each round allowing players to draw more bird cards, gain or use food tokens, place egg tokens and more according to specific rules and the current condition of the board. The bird cards are beautifully illustrated and inform the player about the preferred habitat and food habits of the bird featured on it. This plays into the game mechanic while also being highly informative.

Connectors: Animal Planet

A simple tile-laying game that is approachable for players of all ages, Connectors: Animal Planet focuses on the fauna found in nature all around us. The tiles can be linked primarily by two factors - where an animal lives and what it consumes. When a player places a tile, it should be next to a tile that meets one of the two criteria. The game offers multiple ways to play, such as the less competitive Link and Learn or the PvP Turbo Tiles mode. This helps you play the game at a pace of your choice. With a stack of 54 tiles, Connectors can offer a lot of fun, especially for the young ones at home.

KAADOO - Nilgiri Biosphere

The Kaadoo series brings the experience of a jungle safari to your tabletop. The Nilgiri Biosphere edition features animals from the namesake region in Southern India as collectable cards in your game. The gameplay involves starting at your respective corners with safari vehicles as your player tokens. As you play each turn, you draw cards that contain information about the animal featured on it as well as certain points. You can also land on action blocks or draw special cards which require you to ask a question, enact an animal or more. The game also features changes in movement direction with certain blocks. 

Guess in 10: Animal Planet

The Guess in 10: Animal Planet game is a card-based guessing activity. It allows each player to ask up to 10 questions about a game card that needs to be identified. Each card contains facts and clues about the card. While facts can help the game master answer the questions correctly, clues can be shared with players who use one of the six clue cards. With 50 game cards in the deck, Guess in 10: Animal Planet can be very interesting every single time. It offers a great way to learn more about the animal kingdom while having fun with your loved ones.

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