Zoom lenses for street photography

By Tabitha Thomas | Published on 17 Mar 2020
Zoom lenses for street photography
Zoom lenses for street photography

Which type of lens to use in street photography or any type of photography is a recurring debate. In the case of street photography, you may quite often want to change your focal length from 18mm to even as high as 300mm. A zoom lens, as opposed to a prime lens, allows you to adjust the focal length without having to change the lens making them travel-friendly. Although prime lenses are generally touted as being better for street photography with wider aperture size, zoom lenses are usually a good start for a beginner. A zoom lens can provide you with various supplemental features also like resolution enhancement, autofocus, etc. To make life easier for you, we have listed a few types of zoom lenses you can consider.

Sony SEL24105G FE 24-105 mm F4 G OSS E-Mount Lens

Providing a constant F4, the Sony SEL24105G FE gives you a wide 24–105mm zoom range which suppresses chromatic aberration by enhancing the resolution. It also features 17 elements in 14 groups including four aspherical elements, two of which are advanced aspherical elements, and three extra-low dispersion elements. The exterior design of the whole lens is resistant to dust and humidity for further safety and efficient service. The fingertip function is adjustable with the fingertip press, manual focus circles, AF/MF transition and other commands. This lens is an ideal choice for video and stills.

Nikon AF-S Nikkor 24-120mm F/4 G ED VR Zoom Lens for Nikon DSLR Camera

With a focal length range of 24-120mm, the Nikon AF-S Nikkor allows 5X zoom with a maximum aperture and minimum aperture of f/4 and f/22 respectively and provides image stabilization at mid-range. This holds exposure parameters in the whole zoom range and is suitable for street photography. The lens is automatically and precisely focussed in different lighting conditions due to the AF-S silent-wave focal engine and the 77 mm filter thread that allows the use of advanced screw-on filters.

Canon Ef 24-105Mm F/4L is Ii USM

At 24mm f/4, the Canon Ef provides intense sharpness. It measures 3432 lines per picture height and creates a sharpness in the centre. These lenses provide prudent bokeh effects with high image stabilization.  It provides a 4X zoom with these lenses. The Canon EF is an L-series lens 24-105mm f/4L IS II USM. This ensures it is well built and weather-resistant. It is a good bet to take a broad range of portraits that works great for the broader public and commercial photographers.

Fujifilm XF 18-135mm F3.5-5.6 R Lens (Black)

The Fujifilm XF, with an aperture range of f/3.5-5.6 to f/22, provides excellent colours and relatively sharp images. It has a five-stop-effective image stabilization property which provides optical image stabilization. This lens is weather sealed. These lenses have a significant proportion of tonal and filter boundary issues. The colour channel mixer is straightforward to work within this lens. The company claims to have the world's most advanced image stabilization that utilises Gyro sensors with high precision to provide a 5-stop benefit. It provides a maximum magnification of 0.27X.

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