Water-resistant outdoor security cameras for home on Amazon India

By Ashwin Nair | Published 16 May 2020 01:24 IST
Water-resistant outdoor security cameras for home on Amazon India
Water-resistant outdoor security cameras for home on Amazon India

Theft and robbery don’t wait for the weather to be pleasant. Right? An outdoor security camera has to be weatherproof to keep you secure at all times and under all conditions. To make the device truly appropriate for all-weather use, there are now wireless outdoor security cameras that have an IP66 rating. Another feature to keep in mind is that the camera should be well-equipped to record videos even at night. Keeping such features and more in mind, here are four such security cameras that are available on Amazon. Note that these products have been selected based on the features mentioned by the brands.

CP Plus Ezykam

This wireless outdoor camera from CP Plus is a security camera offering operations irrespective of the weather conditions as it has a waterproof body. The camera comes with an easy installation process – all you need to do is mount it on the wall and set it up through the Ezykam+ app. You just need to connect the camera to a power supply source and your home Wi-Fi by putting in the password and you are good to go. You get video recordings in 1080p video quality during both day and night. Thanks to the smart infrared system, the camera gives you clear night vision footage as well. You can monitor movements outside your house on your smartphone through the app. Furthermore, it also has a 2-way talkback feature, enabling you to talk to your kids playing outside or the person standing at the door. It also has an intelligent motion sensor to alarm you via the app in case of an intrusion.

D3D D8862

Here is a waterproof outdoor home security camera from D3D that gives you optimal performance 24x7 when connected to the power supply. Thanks to its IP66 rating, you do not have to worry about losing the video feed if it is raining. You can operate the camera wirelessly through Wi-Fi and the companion app. The app also allows you to monitor the surroundings of your house even when you are not there, with a good internet connection. It has a 1MP camera that records video in 720p quality giving you decent footage at all times. It is embedded with infrared night vision LEDs to give you footage up to a distance of 10m even if it is pitch dark outside, as per company claims.

D3D D8017

Monitor your home anytime and from anywhere thanks to this wireless home security camera from D3D. The outdoor security camera comes with an easy installation process that requires a power supply to stay connected. For 24x7 surveillance, it requires a good Wi-Fi connection. You can use the corresponding app on your smartphone so that you can access the feed anytime. You do not need to attach an external hard disk to it to store video footage as it supports microSD cards up to 128GB, which should help you record and store a week’s footage. With an IP66 rating, the security camera is waterproof as well, which helps you get continuous footage irrespective of the weather conditions outside. The infrared LEDs used in the camera record clear HD videos even at night. Multiple people can get alerts if there has been any intrusion since three different users can access the footage of the camera simultaneously.

Sricam SP007

This outdoor security camera from Sricam records video footage of all movement outside your house in 720p quality through its 1MP camera. Thanks to its IP66 rating, you can rest assured knowing that the camera is waterproof and can continue recording irrespective of heavy rains or storms. It uses a microSD card to store the audio and video which you can use in any other device to play the footage whenever you want. You can monitor your house sitting anywhere in the world as long as the camera is connected to a compatible Wi-Fi. Through the mobile app, you can even change the viewing modes and record the footage at your end. It uses the IR cut feature to illuminate the surroundings during the night to give you clear footage up to 15m.