Unique cameras with special use cases on Amazon India

Beyond the DSLR and the smartphone, there are cameras that cover a range of specific needs. Here are some interesting picks.

By Siddharth Parwatay | Published 14 Nov 2020 00:53 IST
Unique cameras with special use cases on Amazon India
Unique cameras with special use cases on Amazon India

While professional photographers mostly stick to DSLRs for their photography needs, smartphone cameras have also become extremely capable of clicking great pictures. However, in the world of photography, there are many more options beyond these two types of cameras. Specific models made for particular use cases and needs are quite popular around the world. Be it an action camera for the adventurous or one for lovers of instant photography, your favourite snappers can come in a lot of shapes and sizes, and fulfil a range of unique purposes. Based on the features that make them useful for specific photography scenarios, here are some of the most unique cameras available on Amazon.

GoPro Hero 8

The GoPro name needs no introduction in the world of action cameras. Launched in 2019, Hero 8 is more than just an incremental update in the GoPro series. The body comes with a mount included, finally not requiring any external mounts to work with tripods. In terms of stabilisation, GoPro has upgraded its algorithm to HyperSmooth 2.0, which will make the footage of your adventures extra smooth. You also have the option of including mods that add a mic and allow you to add more mods like lights and a display. A number of new modes like Liveburst, Super photo and upgrades like TimeWarp 2.0 make the overall action photography experience much richer with GoPro Hero 8.


For those who do not want to miss a single detail in their surroundings, the Ricoh Theta V 360 camera is perfect. With a portable design, the Theta V can capture high resolution 360 degree still images and videos. Your videos will be in 4K so there’s no compromise in resolution as well. The camera also supports live streaming so you can share your shots with the world immediately. While the video is excellent, the audio doesn’t compromise either. There is a 4-channel microphone that records independently in four different directions to capture 360 sound as well. The Theta V is perfect for vacations and trips where you want to preserve the entire experience.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 9

Despite all the advancements in technology, our preference for nostalgia is neverending. In photography, instant cameras are an example of that. The Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 makes new technology meet instant photography. With the close-up lens attachment, you can shoot your subjects up close despite being up to 35cm away. The high-key mode also adds a soft touch to your photographs by adjusting the brightness. It is super easy and convenient to use – just turn it on, adjust the dial to the lit position and fire away. It lets you enjoy the old-world charm of instant photography without being bogged down by any complications.

Insta360 ONE R Twin Edition

Versatility is at the core of the Insta360 as it comes with the abilities of two cameras rolled into one. You can switch the shooting module between a 360 cam and a 4K 60fps wide-angle shooter on the fly. The dual-lens 360 mod on the camera shoots in Super 5.7K resolution, using H.265 encoding, advanced image processing and an AI-powered finishing algorithm to deliver the best image quality for your shots. Combining it with the Invisible Selfie stick from One R lets you snag those aerial shots and flick the perspective in the 360 mode on the go. The FlowState stabilisation feature aims for super-steady shots even during moments of action.

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