Action cameras that can shoot in 4K on Amazon India

By Ashwin Nair | Published 22 Mar 2020 21:25 IST
Action cameras that can shoot in 4K on Amazon India
Action cameras that can shoot in 4K on Amazon India

If you love travelling and like capturing your moments on the go in the best possible way, then having an action camera is a must. With different companies now coming up with newer products, you now have action cameras that can shoot in 4K to give you stunning results. Since these action cameras are so compact and lightweight, they are ideal for travel vlogging and creating beautiful videos. Furthermore, you can take them underwater as well, making them a perfect companion for all your water adventure sports. If you are looking for something similar for your next trip, here is a list of four of the best action cameras that can shoot in 4K.

GoPro Hero 7

If you are looking for a rugged and waterproof camera to shoot stunning action-packed 4K videos, then the GoPro Hero 7 Black will surely interest you. It has waterproof housing that allows you to go underwater up to 10m, according to the brand. Be it any water sport, the compact design of the camera lets you carry it anywhere you want. It comes with a system of face and smile detection, thus making it ideal for all your action shots as you will never be out of focus. Furthermore, with the GoPro app, you can now easily edit the video you shoot as well by adding music and other effects. Also, it comes with a shorty as well so you need not buy a separate one. The supremely built and designed camera helps in noise reduction as well and has local tone mapping and HDR effects. All these features make it one of the most popular action cameras out there.

DJI OSMO Action - Dual Display

When you can’t see yourself while shooting yourself, it can get really irritating at times and this is where the DJI OSMO Action comes into play with dual display, allowing you to take stunning selfie videos and pictures as well. The camera’s software uses complex algorithms to capture shake-free videos at all times, as per the claims of the company. Furthermore, it lets you record HDR and 4K videos with superior quality even during transitions from dark to light areas or vice versa. You can take the action camera underwater as well up to 11m, making it ideal for scuba diving, snorkelling and other such underwater activities. You can even capture slow-motion videos with this camera, which is not possible with quite a lot of similar cameras. The 64GB memory card should allow you to capture a good number of videos, which you can easily transfer to other storage devices to continue with your recordings.

Xmate Stunt Lite Action Camera

If you are looking for a budget-friendly waterproof action camera that can record 4K videos, then the Xmate Stunt Lite camera is exactly what you need. With this in hand, you can now capture 4k videos at 30fps and 1080p videos at 60fps. Furthermore, this comes with dual screens with a 2-inch screen at the back and a 1.3-inch screen at the front for selfie purposes. The company claims that the camera can function even at 30m underwater. It also claims that it lets you record a 90-minute video on a full charge. It comes with a wide-angle 120-degree 16MP camera as well to let you capture those wide landscapes. Apart from slow-motion videos, you can also take time-lapse videos with this device. The camera comes with loop recording, driving record and built-in mic support as well.

YI 4K Sports and Action Video Camera

If you are someone who loves the idea of capturing videos in slow motion, then the YI 4K action camera should be ideal for you. If you are recording in 4K, you can capture at 30fps but that’s not all – at 1080p, you can capture videos at 120fps and at 720p, you can capture them at 240fps. Furthermore, it comes with an ultra-wide 12MP lens that can cover an area 155-degree in front. It has a rechargeable 1400mAh battery that should give you enough power to record 120 minutes of 4K recording on a single charge, according to company claims. It also helps you capture videos and photos even in dim-light conditions. Protection Status