24MP mirrorless cameras on Amazon India

Take your pick from these 24MP mirrorless cameras and bring out the shutterbug in you.

By Amar Kondekar | Published 02 Dec 2020 13:00 IST
24MP mirrorless cameras on Amazon India
24MP mirrorless cameras on Amazon India

While DSLR cameras have been the primary choice of photographers for a long time, mirrorless cameras are slowly catching up in terms of popularity. With a relatively compact size, lower weight, and faster-focusing speeds, they offer stunning image quality along with convenience. If you are looking forward to picking a new camera system, going mirrorless is definitely a good choice. Here we discuss four good 24MP mirrorless cameras available for purchase.

Sony Alpha ILCE 6000Y

The camera comes with the 24.3 MP Exmor CMOS sensor that makes it fast and versatile. On top of that, there is an improved AF system that has 179 AF Points to cover a wider area. It can also track moving objects effortlessly and shoot at 11 fps. The overall ergonomics is good and a tilting LCD screen makes it easy to capture images at an angle. It also offers superior video recording with excellent autofocus abilities.

Canon EOS M50

The camera comes with a compact body and a DIGIC 8 processor that is also used in Canon DSLRs. The continuous shooting speed is 7.4fps with autofocus – decent in this category. You can shoot full HD quality videos and also move to 4K. The 3-inch touchscreen display comes with a high resolution of 1,040k dots. In addition, you also get NFC, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. The performance is fast and the image quality is sharp with natural colour tones.

Sony Alpha ILCE-6400L

The camera comes with an excellent touchscreen that can also be tilted by 180 degrees. It is extremely quick with the autofocus mechanism. In addition, there is eye and subject tracking based on an AI-powered algorithm. The ISO range is between 100-32,000 and noise is well controlled till ISO 1600, even in low light. The battery life is good with more than 400 shots per charge.

Fujifilm X-T200

The camera is designed with a retro style that looks attractive. The 3.5 inch LCD screen has a smooth touch interface and crisp image quality. The PS-C CMOS sensor offers a good dynamic range. The noise levels are low for both RAW and JPEG images even at higher ISOs. You can capture 4K or 1080p video footage and there is also a slow-motion option. Coming to the battery, the camera is rated at 270 shots per charge.

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