Premium bookshelf speakers for a rich sound experience on Amazon India

For great sound in a compact space, high-end bookshelf speakers offer a great experience for every audiophile. Here are some premium options to choose from.

By Siddharth Parwatay | Published 22 Sep 2021 20:19 IST
Premium bookshelf speakers for a rich sound experience on Amazon India
Premium bookshelf speakers for a rich sound experience on Amazon India

Bookshelf speakers can offer several advantages in the right kind of use-case scenario. Compared to tower speakers, bookshelf speakers do not require floor space. They can be placed on desks, shelves and some can even be wall-mounted. Bookshelf speakers are also sometimes classified as near field or short throw speakers, which refers to their suitability for smaller spaces as they’re better for situations where the listener is close to the speaker. So if your speakers will be placed in a study or a small bedroom, the bookshelf type is the right choice for you. To help you pick the best ones for your room, we’ve curated some premium bookshelf speakers available on Amazon based on the specifications and features that they carry.

Klipsch R-41PM

At less than 10-inches tall, the Klipsch R-41PM can be placed on any surface around the house. An integrated phono preamp and support for Bluetooth, digital optical, analogue RCA and USB inputs eliminates the need to use a separate receiver in your audio setup. The Dynamic Bass EQ feature optimises the output for lower frequencies for any volume level, ensuring powerful bass at all times. Its amplifiers are custom-tuned for the highest level of immersion. The speakers use Tractrix Horn technology which ensures that the sound is directed at the listener directly and reduces reverb due to sound bouncing off other surfaces. It’s got a sub out, in case you want to ever add a sub to your setup to enhance lows even further.

Edifier S3000Pro

The Edifier S3000Pro is designed to impress with its dark wood panelling on the sides. With effective resistance to interference and low latency, these speakers aim for the best user experience possible. The speakers have a 6.5-inch bass driver with an aluminium cone design for consistent bass response at all volumes. Its remote control lets you operate the speakers from anywhere in the room with functions like changing the input source, audio equaliser and more. You also get controls on the speaker body. With a total output power of 256W for the stereo setup, the Edifier S3000Pro can deliver impactful sound without compromising on quality. A wide range of input options lets you connect the speakers to devices of your choice.

Focal CMS 65

The Focal CMS 65 studio monitor is built with materials that enhance its performance. The aluminium/magnesium inverted dome tweeter and the polyglass cone woofer improve the precision, depth and dynamic range of the output. The speaker has controls that allow you to adjust its sound to optimise for smaller rooms. Additional tuning features like an adjustable crossover, high-pass crossovers, bass adjust, treble adjust and more let you control the sound better if you add a sub to the setup later. The included rubber feet make it easy to place it on a surface without the risk of it slipping or moving. This listing is for a single unit, so you’ll have to order two for a pair. 

Yamaha HS8

The Yamaha HS8 features an eight-inch cone woofer combined with a one-inch dome tweeter, aiming for a powerful yet even sound across a wide range of frequencies. With a frequency range from 30Hz to 30KHz, you can count on the HS8 to reproduce deep bass and high treble with equal dexterity. In fact, the HS8 is quite well known and often features in top bookshelf speaker lists online. Its 120W of speaker output is divided as 75W for the woofer and 45 for the tweeter, allowing both drivers to shine through in their sound. You also get a high trim switch, room control and level control for fine-tuning the sound that the HS8 produces.

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