Powerful 500 Watts or higher rated Soundbars for immersive sonic experience on Amazon India

By Akarshitha Yaji | Published 26 Nov 2021 21:22 IST
Powerful 500 Watts or higher rated Soundbars for immersive sonic experience on Amazon India
Powerful 500 Watts or higher rated Soundbars for immersive sonic experience on Amazon India

When watching your favourite movie or listening to music, having a high power soundbar as an audio companion will give you an enhanced, immersive and realistic sound experience which would let you enjoy the movie with cinematic magic. So, to give yourself the ultimate movie and music feel, you can buy a soundbar with a power output of 500W+ and enjoy an enhanced audio performance. Read below to know more about some of the 500W+ powerful soundbars available on Amazon.

Sony HT-S40 soundbar

The Sony HT-S40 soundbar delivers sound with an output of 600 Watts. By delivering sound at such a high power, this soundbar from Sony allows you to feel every detail while listening and watching your favourite content. This Sony HT-S40R Soundbar comes with a 5.1 channel real surround sound that allows the soundbar to create an engaging and authentic sound experience with the help of 3 channels, subwoofer and powerful rear speakers. The rear speakers not only give you an enhanced sound experience but are also stylish and compact in design which allows you to effortlessly place them in the room or mount them on the wall. 

JBL Bar 5.1 soundbar

If you are looking for a high power soundbar that can be converted into your home theatre system and lets you enjoy all your movies with a higher quality sound performance, this JBL Bar 5.1 soundbar might be the right choice for you. This JBL Bar 5.1 comes with a 5.1 channel surround sound and 4K ultra HD support to deliver an immersive audio experience. The JBL Soundshift featured by this JBL Bar 5.1 enables you to easily and conveniently switch between the sound from your TV and the sound from your tablet or smartphone. The Bluetooth connectivity of this JBL Bar 5.1 allows you to enjoy wireless music by simply connecting this soundbar to any device, which can be your smartphone, laptop, tablet or TV. This JBL Bar 5.1 comes with a 10-inch wireless subwoofer which adds a thrilling bass response to enhance the audio experience and take it to another level while listening to your favourite tracks. This soundbar is easy to control and you can even control it with your TV remote. 

Sony HT-RT3 soundbar

The Sony HT-RT3 soundbar gives a high power output of 600 watts to give you an enhanced sound experience by giving every movie you watch the right soundscape. This Sony HT-RT3 soundbar comes with a USB port that allows you to plug in your USB device and enjoy tracks stored in your USB device. With this Sony HT-RT3 soundbar, you can enjoy the ultimate magic of all movies with the help of 5.1 channels of real surround sound. This soundbar comes with rear speakers and an external subwoofer that works with a 3 channel soundbar to deliver a truly cinematic sound. The S-master digital amplifier in the speakers further helps enhance the audio impact. This Sony HT-RT3 soundbar has a sleek design that gives it an elegant look and has rear speakers that work together to deliver a balanced and wide soundstage. The NFC and Bluetooth compatibility makes this soundbar easy to control and access. 

LGSNH5 soundbar

LGSNH5 soundbar delivers impactful 600 Watts audio for a larger than life experience. This LGSNH5 soundbar comes with AI Sound Pro technology which adjusts the sound levels according to what you are watching. Bluetooth and USB connectivity allows you to connect this soundbar to any Bluetooth device and also enjoy music stored in your USB stick by plugging it into the USB port on the soundbar. You can have easy control over this LGSNH5 soundbar through your smartphone or tablet by downloading the LG Bluetooth app.

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