Car amplifiers for high-quality audio on Amazon India

Boost your car stereo’s sound by getting your hands on these car amplifiers that offer high-quality audio.

By Ashwin Nair | Published 09 Oct 2020 22:48 IST
Car amplifiers for high-quality audio on Amazon India
Car amplifiers for high-quality audio on Amazon India

Grooving to good audio while driving is something that everyone likes. However, most car stereos rarely live up to one’s expectations, delivering only basic sound. Car amplifiers can help solve this issue by enhancing the sound of music. In most cases, if you’re planning to buy a bass tube, you’ll need an additional amplifier to be able to use the bass tube to its full potential. Even if you’re not planning to buy a bass tube, note that there are many amplifiers that can enhance the audio of your existing car setup too. In order to help you find the right amplifiers for your needs, we’ve curated a list of four products based on their availability on Amazon and listed features.

JBL GX-A3001 – Mono

Here is a mono subwoofer amplifier from JBL that can improve the quality of the audio output in your car. It can operate at a frequency response of 10-320Hz. It also uses a variable low-pass filter with a frequency range of 32-320Hz, which should ensure that the low-frequency sounds do not distort even when you are cranking up the bass. Speaking of bass, this amplifier supports variable bass boost, enabling you to change the output of the bass from 0-12 dB at 45Hz. As a result, you can control the bass precisely, irrespective of the volume of the sound output at the said frequency. Finally, it delivers a robust sound output of 300W (RMS), which should enhance your overall music-listening experience in the car.

Pioneer GM-A3702

The Pioneer GM-A3702 is said to push the limits of flexibility and functionality from dramatic distinction to dramatic design, according to the brand. This Pioneer Amplifier should deliver a good performance. It also has a space-efficient size that lets you use it in various car cabins as space can vary from vehicle to vehicle. This amplifier automatically selects the proper input signal mode, either RCA or speaker level for added simplicity. When the receiver is turned on, the amplifier automatically gets turned on. When connected to an OEM receiver or a receiver without an RCA output, the amp automatically senses the input mode and powers up in sync with the receiver. This amplifier puts out a nominal power (RMS) of 60W × 2. The amplifier weighs around 1.6kg, which falls in the lightweight category.

Vibe ED 7600 AB

If you want an amplifier for your car that will deliver a really powerful sound output, then the Vibe ED 7600 AB should do the job for you. It delivers a maximum sound output of 600W, which should be good enough to fill a big SUV car. The amplifier provides you with the flexibility of making it a 2, 3 or 4 channel device, depending on your requirements. When connected to the output of the head unit, it automatically turns on without the need of any remote trigger, making the setup process easy for you. Finally, it runs on a variable bass boost circuit, which enables you to have a say in the amount of bass you want in the output.

Sony XMN502

The Sony XMN502 Amplifier has a 500W power output. It offers a 65W × 2 (four Ohms), 85W x 2 (two Ohms) and 175W x 1 (BTL) outputs for the speakers. The amplifier comes with an automatic thermal control feature that lowers the amplifier’s output when required so that the music experience is uninterrupted. The amplifier is equipped with an LPF for better bass quality and users can toggle the LPF on or off as per their needs. It has single-sided connections opening it up to a range of mounting options. The frequency response in the amplifier ranges from 5kHz to 50kHz. The amplifier weighs around 1.81kg.