Budget bluetooth speakers with voice assistant support on Amazon India

Bluetooth Speakers with Voice Assistant Support are full of smarts. Here are a few platform-agnostic speakers you may consider for your purchase.

By Amar Kondekar | Published 22 Oct 2020 15:50 IST
Budget bluetooth speakers with voice assistant support on Amazon India
Budget bluetooth speakers with voice assistant support on Amazon India

If you want to purchase a Bluetooth speaker that has voice assistant support but doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket, you’ve arrived at the right place. The market is packed full of options with voice assistant support that allows users to make calls and ask questions. These devices get connected to your tablet, smartphone, or any other device supporting Bluetooth. Most of these are portable and can be carried wherever you go. Here are some options available on Amazon that offer the right combination of features and specifications.

Infinity JBL Fuze Pint Deep Bass Dual EQ Bluetooth 5.0

This small and compact Bluetooth speaker by Infinity JBL has surprisingly good sound quality with punchy bass and clear mids. It is travel friendly and known to deliver good-quality, thumping beats. The deep bass adds character to the songs in your playlist without excessively muddying the vocals. It has a Dual Equaliser feature that can increase the bass as per your changing mood. It connects with the smartphone and can answer your queries with Siri or Google Assistant. This speaker is also pretty loud for its size.

Mi Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker 5W

It is rare to find a compact Bluetooth speaker with sizable battery life, but the Mi Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker is just that. It allows you to listen to music uninterrupted for 20 hours straight, which is ridiculous for this form factor. It also supports voice assistants such as Google Assistant and Siri, which allows users to ask the speaker questions and call contacts handsfree. The compact form factor means that you can shove this speaker into pretty much any handbag or backpack. Additionally, it is also rated IPX5, which means it can easily withstand a few splashes. 

JBL GO Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Mic

The JBL GO is yet another compact and affordable Bluetooth Speaker with a microphone and allows users to stream music from laptops, tablets and smartphones. It is also equipped with efficient noise-cancelling speakerphones which eliminate background noises when you’re on a call. You can enjoy 5 hours of uninterrupted playtime with its rechargeable battery. It is durable, well-built, and is available in eight colours. It has a built-in strap that makes it easier and convenient to carry wherever you go. 

Amkette Boomer Bolt 280 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker 

You can carry your Amkette Boomer Wireless Bluetooth Speaker anywhere you go, whether it is a beach, on a trek, in a pool, or the bed, and enjoy amazing musical tones washing over you. Although small, it is packed with amazing features. It packs a 5-Watt Audio Driver along with a Bass Radiator built-in for pleasing sounds. Select music of your choice and enjoy for straight eight hours without any interruption. A button summons the Voice Assistant, and the user can give a command to play the latest hits. It sets alarms, reminders, and connects smart gadgets with remarkable ease.

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