Best Wireless Mics for a Musical Instrument on Amazon India

By Afrah Khan | Published 16 Mar 2020 13:10 IST
Best Wireless Mics for a Musical Instrument on Amazon India
Best Wireless Mics for a Musical Instrument on Amazon India

A microphone is a device used to convert audio signals to electrical signals for further uses. The entertainment industry has been using them for a very long time, and they have now become an indispensable part of this industry. With the passing of each decade, its utility is ever increasing. From gaming to academics, anywhere there is a crowd, you will always need a mic. But there has always been one problem with these sound translating devices, i.e., their wires end up all entangled and create a mess, thus making people trip and fall. But today, no one needs to worry about those cables anymore as one can now buy wireless mics to get the job done efficiently and neatly. So, let’s quickly delve into some wireless mics best suited for your string and brass instruments.

Professional Piezo Contact Microphone Pickup

SREE BALAJI Industries (SRBI) has made a name delivering imported and 100% tested audio products and with the Professional Piezo Contact Mic Pickup, it’s fair to expect it to maintain its reputation. This is a multi-colour pickup that comes with wrapping tape and a clip so that you can adjust it any way that fits your needs. The embedded piezo element helps in the process of transduction. It is crafted in order to easily eradicate external sounds and prevent any interference by sound reflections because of nearby objects. Hence, this pickup device that’s perfect for string instruments like acoustic guitar and violin is a good deal for you.


The CM-200 is a contact microphone manufactured by the Japanese multinational corporation, KORG which is known for its production of electronic musical instruments, audio processors and guitar pedals, recording equipment and electronic tuners. Now with improved functionality, the CM-200 transmits sounds more efficiently and with greater flexibility. Even its mike and cable connections have been made sturdier for preventing any possible ruptures. It has a cable which is about 1.5m long, a clip of 30mm width and it is available in black and red colours. Its jack diameter is 6.3mm. It works on saxophones, guitars, violins, and ukuleles, making it ideal for all musicians. Simply attach the clip to the bell of a brass instrument or attach it to the bridge of string instruments while the jack end is directly connected to the amplifier.

XSW 1-908-A

Sennheiser is a German audio company well-known for its consumer headphones, and professional microphones, one of which is the wireless mic XSW 1-908-A. This powerful microphone comes with a compact bodypack transmitter and a strong instrument cable, letting you move about the stage easily. The black wireless system uses antenna-switching diversity receptions through integrated antennas. It also uses piezo elements to detect vibrations and convert them to oscillatory voltage. It has a NiMH battery which gives it approximately 10 hours of operation time, according to the company. The device is easy to use and works on all types of brass instruments. Do keep in mind that it has a frequency response of 50-16000Hz.


Shure is a company that believes in manufacturing high-quality products. With the BLX/PG30, this American audio products company maintains its standards. For all music enthusiasts, BLX/PG30 is a classy design in a wireless system. This easy-to-set-up-and-operate device has an adjustable gain control. Its power and battery status are represented by LEDs. The makers claim that it works on 2AA batteries so you can expect it to work for 14 hours straight without any charging break, according to the brand. This black coloured, lightweight system also has a quick and easy frequency matching and has a frequency response of 60Hz. It comes with a BLX4 wireless receiver, BLX1 bodypack transmitter and a PG30 cardioid condenser microphone with windscreen. This device has an operating range of 300ft (91m), according to the brand, and all these features and specifications make the BLX14/PG30 a good buy.