Best tower speaker audio systems for your home on Amazon India

By Afrah Khan | Published 30 Nov 2021 10:44 IST
Best tower speaker audio systems for your home on Amazon India
Best tower speaker audio systems for your home on Amazon India

Good quality tower speakers can deliver impactful audio and can generally play louder than conventional bookshelf speakers. Even when most of these aren’t full-range speakers, they can add immense value to your home’s audio system and it is important that you invest in one after thorough research! Here are some of the best tower speakers available on Amazon!

F&D T200X

This 70 Watts TV speaker from FD features a bright white LED display which adds to its stunning looks. It comes with two tower speakers which can snugly fit under a flat-panel TV to avoid a messy look and can be used individually. It allows connectivity with devices through Bluetooth 4.0 and also supports uninterrupted FM transmission. Moreover, the speaker can store up to 100 FM stations. It has a  fully functional remote control so that you can listen to your favourite songs or change stations using the numeric buttons present on the remote control. This TV speaker features an analogue RCA input cable that gives you the freedom to connect it to devices like DVD players. 


If you are tired of speakers boasting about how “loud” they are, then this one by Obage might interest you. The DT-2605 is a tower speaker that can work perfectly well as a home audio speaker system. It features Bluetooth 5.0 to provide seamless wireless connectivity. Its 3-inch speakers and 2.5-inch tweeters make sure you get rich details. Be it the high, lows, mids or beats, it can capture and present everything beautifully without distorting the vocals. This tower speaker audio system aims to allow you to enjoy music at its best without disturbing your neighbours or causing fatigue to your ears. It also features FM, USB playback, Aux and supports optical input as well for connectivity with other devices. 

Philips Audio MMS8085B/94

Philips offers the MMS8085B/94, a tower speaker with a fully functional remote control and 2.1 Channel stereo based on TPV technology. This tower speaker can deliver a powerful and all-around aural experience, thanks to its tweeters and subwoofer. It also features FM radio to let you enjoy music or news whenever you want just like the old days. It has been designed to complement modern interiors and features a futuristic design that gives it an elegant look. The speaker can be wirelessly connected to devices with the help of Bluetooth 5.0. You can easily connect these speakers to your smartphone, tablets or television with convenient connectors and speaker top controls. The speaker is compact in design which makes it a great fit for modern homes and workspaces.

Akai Home Audio HA-TS50

Akai offers an HA-TS50 Tower speaker with powerful 50W drivers. You can connect this speaker to computers, TV and smartphones easily. It can make any party more happening as you can play your favourite music loudly and enjoy power-packed punches, beats and great audio quality with their high bass performance. This speaker can stream audio from Bluetooth-enabled devices including Apple devices, Android smartphones and tablets, etc. Its back panel features a mic, Aux input, TF card slot and power button. Moreover, it includes an LED display and comes with a fully functional remote control. 

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