Best portable speakers for an indoor party on Amazon India

By Prabhat Bhor | Published 23 Apr 2021 18:00 IST
Best portable speakers for an indoor party on Amazon India
Best portable speakers for an indoor party on Amazon India

The one thing that every party needs to be a great one is good music. While the choice of tracks is entirely yours, there’s not much you can do if the speaker you’re using doesn’t deliver on the goods. Get these top portable speakers for an indoor party on Amazon and start throwing the ultimate ragers. 

Ultimate Ears Boom 3 

The Ultimate Ears BOOM 3 is a super-portable wireless speaker built for adventure. It offers immersive 360 ° sound with deep bass, all carefully balanced so you can hear every note. The Ultimate Ears BOOM 3 also hangs tough - it’s waterproof, dustproof, and drop-proof, which means you can bring it to a desert festival, to a pool party and everywhere in between. Additionally, the speaker features the all-new Magic Button, so you can play, pause and skip songs directly on the Bluetooth speaker. It is wrapped in a stunning, high-performance fabric that shimmers. An interesting fact about these speakers is that they utilise a battery technology similar to modern electric cars. The brand claims the speakers will stay powered and pump tunes throughout the day, operating up to 15 hours.

Marshall Emberton Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The Marshall Emberton speaker is a compact portable speaker with the loud and vibrant sound only Marshall can deliver. It is known to utilise True Stereophonic, a unique form of multi-directional sound from the brand. You can experience 360° sound from the speaker. It comes with a claimed playtime of 20+ hours, meaning you can enjoy the sound for hours on end. Weighing just 0.7kg, this lightweight speaker claims to be tough and resilient and has an extremely durable design that makes it a must for any occasion. Its IPX7 water-resistance rating means you can submerge the Marshall Embertonin in 1m of water for a period of up to 30 minutes. A solid metal grille and the iconic Marshall script adorn the front of the speaker, echoing the legacy of rock ‘n’ roll that you might know and love. 

boAt Stone 260 

The boAt Stone 260 Portable Bluetooth speaker can be wirelessly connected to Bluetooth devices such as smartphones, tablets and computers to play the music collection stored on them. The brand claims it has a powerful battery allowing the system to deliver powerful and consistent sound without any irregularities or breakages for up to 4-5 hours. This should make it the perfect companion for you in the park, or whilst camping or on the beach, wherever you can play music out loud. It sports a trendy look and is IPX5 waterproof certified. The body is constructed of durable silicon with a rubber matte finish that makes it shockproof. This offers outdoor protection against dust and water.

JBL Flip 3 

With the JBL Flip 3, one can enjoy a room-filling stereo sound that is suitable for any house parties or celebrations in a tight space. It is powered by a rechargeable 3000mAh Li-ion battery, which delivers up to 10 hours of non-stop, high-quality playtime, according to the brand. This means you only have to switch the speaker on, and the party goes on all night with no interruption. The exterior is IPX7 rated, featuring a waterproof design with a durable fabric. Its waterproof feature and deep base quality make it one of the best speakers for parties because it is protected from accidental spills. From tabletop to poolside, from sunny mornings to rainy nights, the JBL Flip 3 Stealth might just turn out to be your ultimate all-purpose, all-weather companion. 

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 

The Ultimate Ears Wonderboom delivers 86 decibels of 360-degree sound, so it's loud enough to liven up any party. It has been IPX7 rated to withstand depths of 1-meter for up to 30 minutes. This means you can enjoy it in the rain, around the shower, in the tub or even have parties by the shallow pool. It is equipped with Bluetooth, and the brand claims you can establish a connection 100 ft (30m) away, letting you seamlessly control your music from across the room. The brand claims you can expect 10 hours of battery on a single charge. It's easy to get started as one just needs to hold the UE logo once to play and press it again to pause a song. To skip a song, you just need to double-tap it, and you're good to go. You can make the most of your Ultimate Ears Wonderboom by wirelessly pairing two Ultimate Ears Wonderbooms together.