Best active subwoofers for home theatre systems on Amazon India

By Siddharth Parwatay | Published 25 Oct 2021 19:02 IST
Best active subwoofers for home theatre systems on Amazon India
Best active subwoofers for home theatre systems on Amazon India

To upgrade your home theatre experience, a leading active subwoofer can add deep bass that can transform your favourite movies. Here are some great options.

The best active subwoofers for your home theatre system or soundbar can upgrade their bass output without requiring a dedicated amplifier to do so. Whether it is to make your action movies more immersive or to make your favourite music sound fulfilling, a good subwoofer is absolutely necessary for a high-quality home theatre experience. Subwoofers extend the lower range of your speaker setup to produce that rumble you expect from them. When picking a subwoofer for your home theatre system, you mainly need to consider its size and power. Size plays a key role in how well it will fit into your existing setup. The power should complement your home theatre speakers without overpowering them. To help you pick the best active subwoofer for your home theatre, here are some of the top models available on Amazon. These options bring together powerful specifications and useful features. 

PreSonus Eris Sub8

The 100W output of the PreSonus Eris Sub8 can go as low as 30Hz to produce deep bass that is ideal for smaller rooms. Ample connectivity options let you link this subwoofer to your speakers in the way best suited to your audio setup. You can use your current monitors through 0.25-inch TRS or RCA connections, adjust the input gain and even alter the polarity. A high-pass filter and a low-pass crossover control let you specify the frequency zone in which you want your Sub8 to complement the connected speakers. With an 8-inch, front-firing, paper-composite low-frequency transducer, the bass output you get is clear and impactful. 

Mackie THUMP18S

With 1200W of low-end power, the Mackie THUMP18S is designed for true bass lovers with room-shaking sound. This is powered by the 18-inch high-output woofer under the hood. It uses a professional band-pass design to ensure maximum impact. With Class-D amplification technology, the speakers stay cool over continuous operation while also including thermal protection for maximum safety. The cabinet is built with exterior grade 15mm plywood for a durable build and finished with textured black catalyzed paint for aesthetic appeal. It can accept dual XLR inputs, and stereo high pass and full-range outputs, connectivity won’t be a problem.

Yamaha NS SW - 100

The Yamaha NS SW - 100 features a Twisted Flare Port design that enhances accuracy in low-frequency reproduction. It also comes with the Advanced Yamaha Active Servo Technology II that maintains tighter control over the woofer cone using negative-impedance and constant-current principles. The design has a gently curved form with a sloped front that adds to the style quotient of any room. With 100W of output, the NS SW-100 is well suited to fill smaller rooms with powerful bass for your favourite movies and music. This subwoofer can deliver a frequency response as low as 25Hz, enabling a deeper bass sound for your listening. 

Harman Kardon Enchant Subwoofer

With an Ultra Low Resonance enclosure, the Harman Kardon Enchant Subwoofer aims to deliver bass that is free from distortions. Its 10-inch driver powers rumbling bass that can augment your movie and music experience. The 200W RMS output is great for medium-sized rooms. With symmetric design and rounded corners, the Enchant subwoofer is a visually appealing addition to your setup. Operating on wireless connectivity, this model keeps your home theatre wire-free. Its frequency response of 40Hz to 160Hz provides adequate coverage for lower frequencies. With an operating temperature of 0 to 45 degrees celsius, the Enchant Subwoofer is designed for durability.


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