Affordable Bluetooth speakers with Alexa integration on Amazon India

Tired of scrolling through endless playlists to get to the songs you want? Change that by getting yourself one of these Bluetooth speakers which come with Alexa integration.

By Rishabh | Published 22 Jul 2021 16:21 IST
Affordable Bluetooth speakers with Alexa integration on Amazon India
Affordable Bluetooth speakers with Alexa integration on Amazon India

The average Indian home is growing smarter by the minute. People are opting for gadgets that connect to their home Wi-Fi network and can be controlled remotely using smartphones or via voice commands. Smart lights, ACs, TVs are becoming household appliances, and if you’re looking to get another piece of smart technology for your home, make it a Bluetooth speaker that comes with Alexa integration. Alexa integration helps you control smart home devices conveniently using voice commands. But if you are unsure, here are a few affordable Bluetooth speakers with Alexa integration to start with. 

Echo Dot (3rd Gen)

The Echo Dot is a great smart speaker for homes. It is compact, affordable and offers good sound quality. With it, you can not only listen to music but also have it read out the day’s news highlights, tell you the weather forecast, and spell out your appointments for the day. This speaker is bound to become your very own personal assistant in no time. This is a cylindrical speaker that needs to be plugged into a power chord at all times and offers rich and dynamic 360-degree audio. If you have subscriptions to Spotify, Apple Music or Prime Music, Hungama, or JioSaavn, you can use them to stream songs directly to the speaker. It also has a 3.5mm audio jack that you can use to connect to other speakers or headphones. 

Echo Show 5 (1st Gen)

The primary highlight of the first-generation Echo Show 5 is its 5.5-inch display that helps give a more immersive experience and makes it a more capable smart home hub for all your Alexa-powered smart home devices. The display can also be used to stream videos directly from Amazon Prime Video and Netflix. You can use the Show 5 as a Bluetooth speaker, use it for video calls, or directly request Alexa to play your favourite songs. The camera comes with a physical shutter to cover the camera for better privacy. Similarly, users have the option to disable the microphone with the press of a button.  

Duluck Smart Wireless Bluetooth Speaker A-104

Dulick Smart Speaker A104 presents a rich set of features. The 10 watts speaker outputs 360-degree audio, has an internet clock and RGB lamp and can also function as a Wi-Fi extender. The built-in far-field microphones allow you to summon Alexa from across the room. Or you could pair your devices to the speaker using Bluetooth and play from your local library. According to the company, Duluck Smart Wireless Bluetooth Speaker takes around 3 minutes for set up and can be remotely controlled using Duluck app on your smartphone.  

LUMIFORD GoFash-NY 12W Bluetooth Speaker with Alexa Built-in voice control

This is one of the most value for money speakers that comes with Alexa built-in. It outputs a maximum speaker power of 12 watts, which is pretty good for a speaker selling in the affordable segment. Not only that, it uses Bluetooth 4.2 and comes with a trendy handle which should prove useful while travelling. The capacious 3000 mAh battery should last for about 11 hours of continuous audio playback, according to the company. Since it has Alexa integration, it is easy to simply ask for your music request or use voice commands to interact with other Alexa-enabled smart home devices.