Best mid-range air purifiers with digital display on Amazon India

By Kajoli Anand Puri | Published 09 Jan 2021 16:44 IST
Best mid-range air purifiers with digital display on Amazon India
Best mid-range air purifiers with digital display on Amazon India

India has 13 cities that fall under the top 20 most polluted cities in the world and is now one of the most polluted countries in the world! It’s important to understand what we can do to protect ourselves from these pollutants. While you can wear masks when you are out and about, at home, an air purifier can be used to purify the air in your room. If you’re thinking of buying a mid-range air purifier, then you should consider buying one with a display as it adds a dash of extra functionality. Here’s a look at four mid-range air purifiers on Amazon that feature a display. 

Coway AP-1018F

The Coway AP-1018F uses three different filters – a washable pre-filter (claimed to keep out PM10 particles, dust and dirt), a patented activated carbon filter (claimed to remove odours like cigarette smoke, and harmful gases like formaldehyde and VOC), and a 25mm green HEPA filter made of Gingko and Japanese Sumac (claimed to filter PM 2.5, allergen, bacteria and viruses). The light display shows the real-time quality of the air in the room by changing colour. Note that if you’re using this in your bedroom, you can simply turn on the Night Mode to put the light indicator off to ensure nothing disturbs your sleep. The Turbo mode filters pollutants from the room quickly while the Auto mode allows the machine to dictate the fan speed as per the room’s air. 

Philips High Efficiency Air Purifier AC2887

The Philips High Efficiency Air Purifier AC2887 has a CADR of 333 m3/hour and is claimed to purify the air in a room in only 10 minutes. The brand recommends that this should be placed in a room, sized between 269-409 sq.ft, and states that it is ideal for a master bedroom. The device uses AeraSense technology to display real-time information about the pollution levels in the room. It is also claimed to remove 99.9% of bacteria and viruses from the air. As it uses Vitashield technology, it should be able to automatically sense and remove pollutants efficiently.

Mi Air Purifier 3

The Mi Air Purifier 3 is equipped with a HEPA filter to help purify the air in your room. The OLED touch display should make it easy to read the data even when your room is dark. Apart from displaying the PM2.5 data, it also shows you the temperature, humidity, and whether the Wi-Fi is connected. When connected to the internet, the device can be controlled with Alexa and Google Assistant, ensuring that you don’t have to get out of bed to change the settings. The device has a High CADR of 380 m3/h and is claimed to be ideal for rooms sized up to 484 sq.ft.

Philips AC1217/20 Air Purifier

The Philips AC1217/20 Air Purifier has a special auto-purification mode that cleans the air in your room without your needing your intervention. This purifier is ideal for smaller rooms, as the brand suggests it should be used in rooms sized around 62m2. It is also said to deliver quiet operations, ensuring that you are not disturbed while you work. The device has a CADR of 260 m3/hr, which is quite good and should ensure that a standard room is purified quickly. Finally, it uses a NanoProtect Pro Filter to remove particles as little as 0.03 microns.

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