Best car air purifiers in India for a pleasant driving experience on Amazon India

By Siddharth Parwatay | Published 14 Apr 2021 16:08 IST
Best car air purifiers in India for a pleasant driving experience on Amazon India
Best car air purifiers in India for a pleasant driving experience on Amazon India

Studies have shown that commuters experience the highest daily exposure to pollutants while driving. Over time, unhealthy levels of harmful gases and particulate matter can be built up inside the cabin, which can cause long term health issues. Until manufacturers start incorporating proper air purification systems into cars, an effective way to deal with this is to go for a car air purifier. These devices can eliminate aerial pollutants in the car’s cabin while you drive, ensuring that you inhale pure air on the go. Here are some options available on Amazon that promise a great combination of features and specifications.

SHARP FP-JC2M-B Car Air Purifier

Using Plasmacluster technology, the Sharp FP-JC2M-B Air Purifier ensures natural purification where positive and negative ions are used to reduce cross-infection. For better dust collection, it uses a faster airflow at a 20-degree angle. It aims to capture 99.97% of microparticles. A combination of HEPA filter, Active Carbon Filter and Micron Mesh Pre Filter works to deliver the best air quality for you. You can set it to three-speed levels manually and automatically, such as low, medium and turbo. The model can be charged using a 12V cigarette lighter port in the car, keeping it always ready to operate.

PranaVital Smart Multifunctional Car Air Purifier

The PranaVital Smart Multifunctional Car Air Purifier uses Gesture Controlled Switch for easy operation in the car. It promises silent performance at both of its power levels, staying below 15db at the first and 35db at the second. In addition to purifying your air, the machine also provides an aroma function to add your favourite perfume or essential oil at the bottom. The LED light on the model changes to green when the pollutant concentration is low. The display indicates the PM2.5 reading from the sensor in the model to keep you updated about the purification status.


The AEPA car air purifier aims to maximise its effectiveness with a 360-degree air inlet and outlet. Its one-touch controls make it easy to use. The single power button can also be used to change the fan speed depending on the air quality. The speed is reflected in the LED light around the switch. The Vertical Duct Cyclical Purification technology releases the continuously purified air from an outlet at the top with negative ions for maximum purity. The PM2.5 filter is complemented by a large particle filter, an Active Carbon filter and an anti-bacterial filter for complete removal of all types of pollutants.

Nebelr Car Air Purifier

The Nebelr car air purifier operates by producing 10 million negative ions per cm3 that can kill 99.9% of bacteria & viruses and remove harmful dust particles like PM2.5, PM10 and more from the air. Based on the principle of electrostatic purification, the model does not use a filter, reducing the hassle of cleaning and replacing it in the future. The Tumbler design of the device allows you to place it in any cup or bottle holder in the car for convenient use. The aluminium alloy exterior adds to its aesthetic appeal and also improves its durability.

MOTOZOOP ® Air purifier

The Motozoop air purifier operates by plugging into the 12V cigarette lighter outlet on the car. However, its onboard dual USB ports allow you to charge your devices while the purifier is connected, ensuring that your devices are always powered up on the go. The blue LED indicator light on the top informs you that the purifier is operational. It also makes its location perceptible in the dark and improves the ambience of the car. The ioniser technology reduces particulate matter as well as bad odour from your cabin, leaving it fresh and purified during every ride.

VANTRO Smart Car Air Purifier

The soft changing LED lights on the Vantro car air purifier transform the ambience of your car’s cabin while purifying the air. You can disable it through a button press at any time. The model uses a combination of a filter screen, a HEPA filter and an activated carbon filter to effectively remove PM2.5, TVOC, formaldehyde and odour. So, once it starts operating, you get pure air that also smells nice. The digital display on top of the model communicates the temperature, humidity and air quality inside the car, detected by onboard sensors. The three-speed purification can be customised by a simple touch on the power button.

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