Best Air purifiers to enhance the quality of indoor Air on Amazon India

By Siddharth Parwatay | Published 21 Oct 2021 11:31 IST
Best Air purifiers to enhance the quality of indoor Air on Amazon India
Best Air purifiers to enhance the quality of indoor Air on Amazon India

When you’re picking an air purifier to improve indoor air quality at home, a device that does the bare minimum shouldn’t make the cut. Since the air purifier is responsible for the respiratory health of your loved ones, it needs to be selected with care. Leading brands offer models that go beyond the basics and offer powerful performance to clean up an entire room’s atmosphere within minutes. Additionally, they should use the right set of filters that can deal with allergens, microbes, dust particles and other pollutants with high efficiency. As a device, it is also important for the air purifier to be aesthetic and durable. Here are some of the best air purifiers available on Amazon that bring together the right specifications with useful features for your home.

Coway AirMega 200

The AirMega 200’s design has a depth of 18.3cm, making it a slim addition that is attractive for any room. Based on the reading from its continuous air quality sensor, the AirMega 200 uses the 4-colour LED ring lamp to help you pick an operational mode. To avoid manual operation, you can switch it to Auto Mode and let the purifier take care of its own power levels depending on the sensor readings. With a washable pre-filter, an activated carbon filter and a Green Anti-Virus HEPA filter, the AirMega 200 aims to clear a wide range of pollutants from the air around you. Its CADR is 155.3 ft3/min (i.e., 264m3/hour), making it ideal for larger rooms with a size up to 364 ft2. By consuming a maximum of 36W of power, the Coway AirMega 200 does not impact your electricity bill significantly even when it is operational continuously.

Philips Air Purifier AC3059/65

With a high CADR of 520 m³/hour, the Philips Air Purifier AC3059/65 is well suited for larger rooms (or multiple connected rooms) up to 667ft2 in area. It can clear up an average room with an area of 20 m² (215ft2) in only 6 min. This performance is achieved with its 360-degree airflow design. The combination of 3-layer filtration with NanoProtect HEPA, active carbon filter and pre-filter ensures the removal of 99.97% of ultra-fine particles as small as 0.003 microns. With its Auto-ambient lighting feature, the display brightness of the purifier automatically adjusts according to the ambient lighting in your room. Its low noise performance in Sleep Mode is certified by Quiet Mark, an independent global certification programme, for extra assurance.

LG PuriCare AS60GDWT0

The LG PuriCare comes with the Axial-Centrifugal Fan and Guide vane with Chevron Nozzle to deliver enhanced purification. This is also improved by the design that enables 360-degree purification. By using a powerful fan in its build, the PuriCare purifier can deliver clean air as far as 7.5 meters. The Clean Booster technology uses a Smart Rotation movement to ensure that the air reaches every corner of the room. Its six-step purification process focuses on the complete removal of dust particles, allergies and harmful gases from your room. With LG ThinQ compatibility, you can operate the PuriCare purifier using the connected app for easy controls.

Dyson Pure Hot+Cool

The Dyson Pure Hot+Cool HP04 senses and reports PM2.5, PM10, VOCs and NO2 in real-time, giving you a comprehensive picture of the air quality around you. With the Air Multiplier technology and 350-degree oscillation, this model can circulate the purified air all around the room. It also features a heating function that pushes hot air, keeping you warm in cold weather. When you want a gentle airflow that isn’t directly blowing at you, you can use the Diffused mode that pushes air through the back of the model. A handy remote control makes it easier to operate from a distance, which is also conveniently stored thanks to its magnetic design.


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