Best air purifiers for offices on Amazon India

By Kajoli Anand Puri | Published 19 Apr 2021 15:41 IST
Best air purifiers for offices on Amazon India
Best air purifiers for offices on Amazon India

Most organisations today prioritise creating an employee-centric environment that’s designed around expressing appreciation. While this can take the form of annual increments and bonuses, it should also reflect in the daily operations of the organisation. Installing an air purifier is one of the easiest ways to show your employees that you value their health and safety, thereby earning their respect and trust. Get any of the following air purifiers for offices available on Amazon, and install them right away. 

Sharp Air Purifier

The Sharp Air Purifier uses plasmacluster technology to deactivate bacteria and mould-causing agents in the air. To do so, it releases ions into the air, which then break down the protein on the surface of viruses. Don’t worry - these broken down components don’t just linger on in the air, waiting to be inhaled. They combine with hydrogen to become water, thereby adding moisture to the room’s air. It’s also equipped with the HAZE mode, which is meant to be switched on when the air in the city is particularly polluted. This air purifier has a dust and odour sensor that should help eliminate both. 

American Micronic-AMI-AP1-22Dx-

The American Micronic-AMI-AP1-22Dx- uses a HEPA filter that claims to remove 99.97% of the airborne particles in your room. It also has an activated carbon filter that is supposed to remove hydrocarbons, odour, oil vapours, and formaldehyde, making this a suitable option for offices that oversee manufacturing operations and often have such particles in the air. Additionally, the built-in ioniser should remove any remaining particles in the air. The purifier has a CADR of 220 m3/hr, which means you can place this in your cabin or even a conference room. 

Coway Professional Air Purifier 

The Coway Professional Air Purifier has a 303 cubic m/hr and is claimed to be suitable for rooms sized at 355 sq. ft. It has four different filters that should combine together to purify the air in your room properly. The first filter is a pre-filter that captures PM 10 particles, the brand’s patented urethane carbon filter that’s said to remove odours and a multi-layered anti-virus green HEPA filter which should remove the PM 2.5 particles from the air. The green HEPA filter is made of Japanese Gingko leaves and Sumac trees. Additionally, the filter is also 25mm thick, making it one of the thickest HEPA filters on the market. 

Kent Aura Room Air Purifier

The Kent Aura Room Air Purifier has a CADR of 180 m3/hr, meaning that it’s more suitable for smaller rooms like your private cabin or a small waiting room. It has a HEPA filter that’s designed to remove PM 2.5 particles from the air, along with an in-built ioniser that removes any leftover pollutants from the air. It also has a primary filter and special carbon filter to remove larger particles and odours. The Kent Aura Room Air Purifier also has a single-button child lock feature to prevent anyone from tampering with the device when you are away. 

Mi Air Purifier 3

The Mi Air Purifier 3 is a handy option for those who want to keep an eye on the performance of the purifier constantly. This is because this device has an OLED touch screen that displays the PM 2.5 concentration in the air in real-time. You can also use this touch screen to change the settings of the purifier when it's needed. If you’re sitting too far from the purifier and don’t want to get up, don’t worry, as it’s compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. It has a high CADR of 380 m3/h, and the brand claims that it is suitable for rooms as large as 484 sq. ft. As a result, you should be able to use it in the bullpen or a large conference room. 

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