Air purifiers that can purify VOCs on Amazon India

By Kulpreet Singh | Published 13 Jan 2022 18:34 IST
Air purifiers that can purify VOCs on Amazon India
Air purifiers that can purify VOCs on Amazon India

Do you often have allergic skin reactions or eye irritation when cleaning your home? Well, it turns out that it could potentially be because of the presence of VOCs in your home cleaners. Yes, that’s right! Ethanal (typically found in disinfectants), formaldehyde (commonly found in cleaners and detergents), and chlorine (generally found in toilet cleaners) have traces of VOCs present in them.  To ensure VOCs get removed from the air, you must equip your home with an air purifier. These devices have multiple filters that trap VOCs and other suspended particles, such as particulate matter, allergens, and dust. If you are planning to buy an air purifier, make sure that it has multiple layers of filters, a good CADR, and a sturdy design. Here are a few good options of air purifiers on Amazon that could meet your requirements: 

LG PuriCare Air Purifier (AS95GDWT0)  

The LG PuriCare Air Purifier (AS95GDWT0) can absorb pollutants from the entire room and deliver clean air to every corner, thanks to its 360° purification design. As the air goes through a 6-step filtration process, rest assured your indoor air would be free from dust particles, mould, bacteria, viruses, and gasses like NH3 and VOC’s. Powered by an innovative clean booster technology, it can throw pure air up to a distance of 7.5 meters. To give you an idea about the air quality indoors, the LG PuriCare Air Purifier offers 6 display colours (green being the cleanest and violet indicating pollution). Equipped with a HEPA filter, this device can clean pollutants as small as 0.02 microns in size. Apart from these features, it also consists of a sturdy build and offers seamless compatibility with your smartphone.    

Sharp Air Purifier (FP-F40E-W) 

The Sharp Air Purifier (FP-F40E-W) has a unique 20° airflow. This helps clean and purify the air from the roof to the floor, reducing the presence of dust in your home. If you live where the pollution level can go beyond hazardous, this air purifier would be ideal for your household as it boasts a haze mode, a tailored system for combating extreme pollution. You can also use the Sharp Air Purifier (FP-F40E-W) while sleeping because it produces little to no noise. Plus, it also lets you know the level of dust and odor in your room with its sensitive sensors. It leverages plasmacluster technology, an H14-grade HEPA filter, an active carbon filter, and a pre-filter to remove every possible pollutant present in the room, ranging from VOCs to allergens and viruses. 

Dyson Purifier (TP09) 

The Dyson Purifier (TP09) is fitted with multiple sensors that can automatically detect and display the levels of 4 different pollutants in your room (PM2.5, PM10, VOCs, and NO2). Since it also displays real-time AQI and 24-hour AQI as a graph on its screen, you could also monitor whether the current mode selected is effective or not. It makes sure every corner receives pure and fresh air, thanks to its air multiplier technology and customisable 350° oscillation. Moreover, since the Dyson Purifier (TP09) can be remotely controlled through the Dyson Link app, you can create schedules and see real-time reports on your smartphone. It implements intelligent purification, which eliminates formaldehyde through catalytic oxidation. Then finally, its HEPA H13 and activated carbon filtration system removes 99.95% of allergens and pollutants (including VOCs). 

Smart Air-Chemical Warfare Purifier     

The Smart Air-Chemical Warfare Purifier has a Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of 315 m3/hr. This is supplemented with a coverage area of up to 430 square feet. Hence, the air purifier would be perfect for cleaning an average-sized bedroom within 10 minutes! Using aerodynamically designed fan blades that allow 360° air circulation, the device can give effective results without making any noise. Offering dual layers of filtration (an extra-thick HEPA filter and an activated carbon filter), the Smart Air-Chemical Warfare Purifier can remove PM 2.5 particles, toxic fumes, and VOCs, like formaldehyde and benzene. Plus, it sounds quieter than a whisper! Operating at 23 dB, you'll sleep easy with clean air at your bedside.    

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