Tower air coolers on Amazon India

By Ankush Singh | Published 16 Nov 2020 23:37 IST
Tower air coolers on Amazon India
Tower air coolers on Amazon India

Keep yourself cool and fresh during the hot and humid summer with the help of a Tower Air Cooler. If your room does not have a lot of space to keep a wide air cooler, a Tower Air Cooler comes to the rescue thanks to its sleek design. When you are looking for one to buy, you should keep an eye out for the air delivery rate of the air cooler to get an idea about the room size that it can work perfectly in. You can also look for air coolers that are compatible with inverters if that is something you want. Here are a few Tower Air Coolers that you can get on Amazon.

Aart Store Tower Fan

The Aart Store Tower Fan features an anti-rust body, which should ensure that it lasts longer than traditional air coolers. It features a three-speed option, which should let you pick a speed that you are comfortable with. The cooler is said to offer an air throw of 25ft, which should ensure that cooling is provided even across a large room. Note that the sleek and stylish design of this fan should help it fit in with your interiors.

Voltas VM T25MH 25-Litre Tower Air Cooler

The Voltas VM T25MH 25-Litre Tower Air Cooler packs a multitude of features like honeycomb pads and a dust filter, which should help give you clean and long-lasting cooling. Moving it from one room to another should be very easy as this fan comes fitted with castor wheels. With its 25-litre capacity, the cooling should last a while. It has a water level indicator so you will always know when to fill it up. The low power consumption on this fan (120 watts) means that you can experience good cooling without high electricity bills.

Vego Empire 25 Tower Air Cooler

The Vego Empire 25 Tower Air Cooler is a handy device to bring home to stay cool. This air cooler, with its 25-litre tank, is claimed to cool an area as large as 250sq.ft. It is equipped with three-speed settings, and you can choose the most comfortable option to cool yourself. This cooler also has features like Auto Swing, which should make the cooling experience more effective in a room. Its large 25-litre capacity should ensure that you don’t have to fill it up often. It also features a handy water level indicator so that you know when to fill it up

Playking Seno 30 Inch Tower Fan

Here is a tower air cooler from Playking that is no wider than 28cm, which makes it ideal to place even in small rooms. It has a powerful air throw of 25ft, which can make your room cool in less time. It comes with 3-speed air control to let you change the intensity of the air delivery rate as you wish. At its maximum speed, it delivers air at a rate of 2250m3/hr. The stylish tower air cooler has a plastic body, making it shockproof. Furthermore, this air cooler is compatible with your home inverter, so that you can continue enjoying the cool air even during a power cut.

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