Air coolers for a small room on Amazon India

By Ashwin Nair | Published 14 Oct 2020 12:01 IST
Air coolers for a small room on Amazon India
Air coolers for a small room on Amazon India

An efficient room air cooler can do wonders in a small room, thanks to the powerful airflow it can deliver. As a result, it has now become a common appliance in many households. If you have been looking for something similar, we have curated a list of four air coolers for a small room that are available on Amazon, based on their listed features, such as power of airflow, body design, the materials used to build it and more.

iBell Deluxe Tower Fan

If you are looking for a sleek and stylish air cooler, then this tower air cooler from iBell might suit your needs. Thanks to its sleek design, this 25-litre air cooler should be ideal for a small room. It delivers a powerful air throw of 2250m3/hr at its highest speed. With both 3-speed control and air-swing control, you can adjust the intensity and direction of the air throw as per your convenience. Furthermore, it uses the Soft Breeze technology which delivers an airflow that’s similar to a natural breeze. The company claims that it has lower power use, so your electric bills won’t soar as the temperature rises. Finally, the glossy rust-free body should make it a durable air cooler, making it a good value-for-money product.

Voltas VM T25MH

This is a tower air cooler from Voltas with a capacity of 25 litres, which should be good enough to cool a small room pretty quickly. It has various user-friendly features such as honeycomb pads, a dust filter, three-speed control knob and more. Furthermore, it also sports a water-level indicator, which quickly and easily lets you know just how much water is in the cooler and whether it needs to be topped off again. The castor wheels at the bottom of the air cooler mean you can move it about easily, even when it’s topped off with water. Remember, however that there needs to be cross-ventilation in the room for such coolers to work best.

Symphony Siesta Jr

This air cooler from Symphony sports an auto-swing castor, which should lead to even cooling in the room. It has a holding capacity of 70 litres, which makes it ideal for a medium-sized room. The Siesta Jr uses up 155W of electricity and converts it into a powerful blast of air. While you might expect a 70-litre cooler to be bulky, this one seems surprisingly compact, which is a boon for those in small apartments who do not have too much floor space to waste. The body is plastic, which means you don’t have to worry about parts rusting.

V-Guard AIKIDO F70

This 70-litre air cooler from V-Guard delivers a powerful breeze, which makes it ideal for medium-sized rooms. The company claims that the thick cellulose honeycomb pads used here enhance the cooling and also keep the room cool for longer periods, as compared to regular cooler pads. With a powerful air throw of 4700m3/hr, this cooler is going to cool a room down very fast. It features motorised vertical louvers, which should help throw air in all directions for best efficiency. Sets of strong castor wheels allow you to move this 19 kg air cooler around easily, and thermal overload protection safeguard the appliance in case of unreliable power causing an overload of current or voltage.

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