1.5-ton ACs to help you beat the heat on Amazon India

By Afrah Khan | Published 13 Feb 2021 15:30 IST
1.5-ton ACs to help you beat the heat on Amazon India
1.5-ton ACs to help you beat the heat on Amazon India

With the merciless summer sun almost here and the mercury bound to hit new highs, keeping our bodies cool is very necessary. The best way to do so according to us is by getting an affordable 1.5-ton AC, as these are ideal for mid-sized and large rooms. Most modern ACs today are known for utilising a copper condenser and inverter compressor, which makes these devices effective for cooling, while still offering good efficiency. To help you find the right ACs, we have compiled a list of some 1.5-ton ACs available on Amazon that you may wish to consider. Do note that these products were selected based on the features and specifications that they offer.  


LG is known for manufacturing quality ACs, and the LG LS-Q18GWZA is no exception. This 1.5-ton AC is a good choice to cool down a mid-size room (111 to 150sqft). The AC is equipped with a Dual Inverter compressor, which coupled with its dual rotary motor, provides cooler temperatures faster. It supports Wi-Fi monitoring and can be controlled using Alexa or Google Assistant via the LG ThinQ app (downloaded from respective app stores). This 5-star rated product by LG comes loaded with smart features like a low gas detection, smart diagnosis system and 4-in-1 convertible cooling. Its high cooling score and noiseless operation make it a great choice to beat the heat during the harsh Indian summers.

Blue Star 1.5 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC

The Blue Star 3 Star AC is ideal for a room of 150sq.ft. The AC comes with an inverter, dust filter and dehumidifier that prohibits the accumulation of any kind of moisture or dust within the indoor unit. The company claims to use a unique Fuzzy Logic technique to cool your room with precision and avoid frequent fluctuations in temperature. The in-built sensor in the remote predicts the perfect temperature the room requires leaving no room for humidity or overcooling.

Panasonic CS/CU-NU18WKYW

If you’re looking for an energy-efficient AC, then the 1.5-ton Panasonic CS/CU-NU18WKYW might be a good choice. This Wi-Fi compatible split AC has a 5-star rating and is equipped with a variable speed inverter compressor that ensures adjustable power consumption for lower electricity bills along with noiseless operation. Its copper condenser coils with Shield Blu technology are meant to provide a longer life for the compressor and protect it from rusting even in humid areas. If you aren’t a big fan of remotes, then you can control it using your voice as it has support for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. The smart diagnostics feature lets you troubleshoot minor problems in your AC without the help of a company engineer. All these features make it a good choice for modern families as well as bachelors.


LG has such a good reputation in manufacturing home electronics that another one of their ACs had to be added to the list. The LG JW-Q18WUZA is a window AC that can cover a room of size 111 to 150 sq. ft without increasing your electricity bills by a huge margin. Its copper condenser coils come with Ocean Black protection, which prevents corrosion and is claimed to increase the condenser’s lifetime significantly. The AC can be controlled manually using the controls on it. If you hate the idea of getting up every time you have to change a setting, then you’ll be glad to know that it supports voice commands, thanks to the LG ThinQ app that is available on most of the app stores. If you’re looking for an economical AC, then this one can be a great choice!

Daikin FTKG50TV

When it comes to good quality ACs, Daikin is one of the brands that come to mind. So, it's no surprise that one of their products made it to this list. The Daikin FTKG50TV is a 1.5-ton split AC that comes equipped with a neo-swing inverter compressor that decreases friction vibration, resulting in smooth, noiseless and power-efficient operation. The AC comes fitted with a stabiliser which removes its dependency on an external one. The R-32 refrigerant used in it doesn’t degrade the Ozone layer and is easily recyclable. Features like Coanda airflow, good sleep off timer,self-diagnosiss and smell proof operation helpmakeg it one of the top choices in the air conditioning department.


If you’re looking for an Indian brand that manufactures good quality ACs, then the IFB IACI18GB5G3C can be your best bet. It’s a 5-star rated, 1.5-ton split AC that can keep your room cool during the harsh Indian summers. IFB has packed a Twin Inverter High-speed HD compressor and DualFin heat exchangers that are claimed to result in better cooling without wasting energy. The exposed evaporator tubes have Nano-Tek coating, which should prevent corrosion even after years of use. It comes with a 7-stage air treatment process that filters bad smell, dust, dirt and various random particles that can cause you trouble. The IFB IACI18GB5G3C uses R32 refrigerants, which can be recycled easily without damaging the Ozone. 

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