Sony KD-55X8500B 4K

10 - Apr - 2015
Sony KD-55X8500B 4K

    Sony KD-55X8500B 4K Price in India

  • 229900/-

Sony KD-55X8500B 4K Brief Description

Sony KD-55X8500B 4K Specification

1. Basic Information
Product Name
Sony KD-55X8500B 4K
Price (MRP)
screen size (in inches)
Screen type
TV Type
2. Picture Quality
4. Advanced Feature
In Built Camera
3. Sound
Sound Output
5. Design
Ultra Slim
6. Power Consumption
Power Consumption
Stand by
7. Connectivity
USB Ports
HDMI Ports
8. Reliability
9. Other Features
Other Features
  • One touch mirroring
  • clear audio plus
  • DLNA
  • social viewing
  • photo share
  • skype ready
  • light sensor
  • TRILUMINOS Display
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      Guys now i had extended my budget to 16K.So, now I'm thinking which phone should i buy.Please do suggest if you can. [B]My Questionnaire[/B] [B]1. Budget?[/B] 16K [B]2. Display type and size?[/B] Touchscreen, Should not be more than 4.8 inches. [B]3. Dual sim?[/B] Not neccessary.but will prefer a dual sim phone. [B] 4....

      1. Saiyangoku14/10/2014
        better buy Moto X or Xperia ZR SP won't get Kitkat :facepalm: and M2 is overpriced (should've been at 8k)
      2. Ashs114/10/2014
        Yeah.. If your main usage is camera, check out the galaxy grand prime.. It has a pretty good camera, decent specs, but the TouchWiz might hamper your experience. Don't expect neither Samsung nor Sony (specially) to provide updates for the next 2-3 years. Sp has reached eol and won't be receiving updates.. Expect eol for m2 around Mar-April ...
      3. Theserpent14/10/2014
        Redmi 1S/Moto G(Snapdragon 400) + (a brand name of SONY/LG ) - A crappy display + 5-10k = Give you almost the entire crappy phone from 14k-30k(All sony phones upto that budget,LG G3 Beat,S5 mini)
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      Hey Guys, I have finally narrowed down my choice to these 2 TV's. Here i am just trying to contemplate if it is worth paying the extra 30k for the W950A. I have demoed both the sets and here are my opinion. I used Avengers bluray rip on both the TV's at the showroom. Honestly could not find the difference in PQ. The sound quality was...

      1. Aroraanant24/06/2013
        Obviously 950 is better, but now its upto you that how flexible is your budget. If you have no problem spending extra money in 950 then just go ahead it with undoubtedly. Otherwise 800 is also a good option but 950 is better. [QUOTE]Does 400 Hz motion flow rate vs 800 Hz motion flow rate really matter?[/QUOTE] It will matter for sure but it depend...
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        [QUOTE=aroraanant;1929787]Obviously 950 is better, but now its upto you that how flexible is your budget. If you have no problem spending extra money in 950 then just go ahead it with undoubtedly. Otherwise 800 is also a good option but 950 is better. It will matter for sure but it depend on what you are viewing, if you are gonna watch a lot of...
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        Hi All, Planning to buy 42W800A, please help should i go for it ? Cheers, Ravi
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    • Sony xperia l or sony xperia tx ? confusion !!!

      So guys should I am buying a new cellphone, and have decided on the Xperia L. But then I saw the Xperia TX, and now I am terribly confused. I have doubts over the Xperia TX's GPU (Adreno 225), and it does cost 5k more. So ? What should I do ? L or the TX ?

      1. Adimax15/06/2013
        TX mil Kahan raha hai?
      2. Mastercool869515/06/2013
        and how come you get confused between two phones with different proccys, camera, screensize, resolution, (almost all of the other specs too.) ??? :rolleyes: and for buying queries, fill up the [URL=""]Questionnaire[/URL]
      3. Ztr15/06/2013
        TX cause better screen,cam and Dev support
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    • Sony xperia u or sony ericsson xperia ray?

      guys i have to buy a phone this week.i've sorted out two phones.the [B]xperia u[/B] and [B]ericcson xperia ray[/B]. could you suggest me which one i should go for? the U has no memory card slot and the ray is not supported by sony anymore,also ray has 3.3 inch display compared to 3.5 of xperia u. also the dual core issue-U has it ,ray...

      1. Aroraanant26/01/2013
        Rather get Xperia J or Sola. And Desire X is also available for around 16k so that is also a very good buy.
      2. Randomuser11126/01/2013
        Neither. Get Sola or Desire X.
      3. Flawed26/01/2013
        but both of them dont have a secondary camera
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      I 'm unable to decide between Sony Xperia MIRO -Sony Xperia TIPO & Samsung Galaxy MUSIC duos 8-). Plz suggest & do supplement some logic behind your Choice:-D.