Ad network firm Chitika says iPad still dominates tablet market

For every 100 hits from an iPad, the Amazon Kindle Fire contributes only 5. Figures for other tablets like the Nexus 7 are even more dismal, or so says a report by Chitika, an ad network firm.

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Ad network firm Chitika says iPad still dominates tablet market

According to analytics data published by Chitika, an online advertising network, the iPad still dominates as the preferred tablet for accessing the web, despite the rise of the Amazon Kindle Fire and the Google Nexus tablets. The finding states that for every 100 visits from the iPad, the Kindle Fire only rakes in 4.88 hits.

While that makes for an interesting, eye-gabbing headline, fact is, the finding is with little credibility. For starters, the analysis is based on the impressions from the Chitika Ad Network. So if a tablet accessed a site that wasn’t part of the ad network, it wouldn’t register as a hit in this study.

Then there is the glaring issue that the study is based on data collected between December 8 and 14, 2012. Six days doesn’t seem to be a long enough period of time to collect statistically viable data, especially since that period of time is of no special significance. Also mentioned in the findings is that the results are based on the study of trends in the U.S. and Canada only.

While we’re not arguing that the iPad is the dominant device in the tablet space, we do seriously doubt that the ratio is so heavily skewed. Given that Chitika is an ad network, we can’t help but feel that this finding is a mere marketing ploy targeted at potential clients. Regardless, we strongly recommend a pinch of salt to go along with this finding.

Source: Chitika

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