ADATA NH03 - USB3.0 External Hard Disk Review

| Published Date
27 - Dec - 2010
| Last Updated
27 - Dec - 2010
ADATA NH03 - USB3.0 External Hard Disk

    ADATA NH03 - USB3.0 External Hard Disk Price in India

  • 5600/-

ADATA NH03 - USB3.0 External Hard Disk Rating 0100100

Our Verdict

Exceptional performance with fast data transfer speeds and a lightweight design. At Rs. 5,600 for 1TB, it provides great value for money, but if you are not looking to buy at this very moment, we would recommend waiting a bit for prices to fall further and for more brands to launch their drives in the country.


  • Fast data transfer speeds
  • Affordable price


  • No external indicator for space
  • All plastic construction

ADATA NH03 - USB3.0 External Hard Disk: Detailed Review

So here we go, we finally got our hands on an external drive with a USB3.0 interface for testing. Let us just start off with a slight introduction of the hard drive. The ADATA NH03 comes in a black case that has a glossy finish throughout, a toggle on/off switch on the back, and blue illumination on the front, with heat vents on both sides in a cross pattern. It’s available in capacities of up to 2TB but we tested the 1TB version. It uses a Hitachi hard drive that runs at a speed of 7200 RPM with a 16 MB buffer whereas most regular external drives come with 5400 RPM drives.

With the real world transfer speeds reaching up to 120MB/s, the NH03 takes data transfer performance for external HDDs to a brand new level. Along with native speeds like these it comes pre-installed with a TurboHDD USB software, with which the transfer performance is further accelerated, reaching up to a speed of 140 MB/s, however we included the native speeds in our tests as we wanted to feature the hardware capabilities of the hard drive. Apart from its speed, the NH03 includes a 256-bit AES encryption software that will keep personal data safe and confidential while protecting against any unauthorized access. It comes with a USB3.0 cable that is backward compatible with your regular USB ports so it can work on any non USB3.0 based PC.

[RELATED_ARTICLE]The benchmark results were highly impressive with synthetic read burst speeds exceeding 200MB/s and write speeds of over 110MB/s. It barely used any CPU with the utilization being 3%. Its real-world performance was exceptional, with read and write speeds of an 8GB single file being 121MB/s and 90MB/s respectively, and Read Write speeds of multiple files being 97 / 74MB/s. There were no disruptions or sudden stops or while transferring files, and well, we have never experienced such high data transfers with any external drive before so we are looking forward to seeing how external USB 3.0 SSDs perform. As of now the NH03 with its blazing fast data transfer will reduce waiting time phenomenally and would save you a lot of money too when compared to USB2.0 SSD drives with an addition to space as well.


The ADATA NH03 external HDD showed us exceptional performance with fast data transfer speeds and a lightweight design. At Rs. 5,600 for 1TB, the drive gives great value for money, but unless you are looking to buy this very moment, we'd recommend waiting a bit for prices to fall further and for more brands to launch their drives in the country.


Features: 6
Performance: 8
Build Quality: 7.5
Value for money: 8
Overall: 7.5

Contact: Ingram Micro
Phone no: 91 22 39894645
Price: Rs.5,600 - 1TB [Reviewed] , Rs. 7,880 - 1.5TB, Rs. 9,500 - 2TB

Model Name
Model Number
Price (Rs)
5,600 (MRP)
HDD capacity (GB)
Number of Platters
Rotational Speed (RPM)
Buffer Size (MB)
Synthetic Tests
HD Tach (8 MB file)
Average Read (MB/s)
Average Write (MB/s)
CPU Utilisation (%)
Random Access Time (ms)
Read Burst Speed (MB/s)
HD Tach (32 MB file)
Average Read (MB/s)
Average Write (MB/s)
CPU Utilisation (%)
Random Access Time (ms)
Read Burst Speed (MB/s)
SiSoft Sandra 2010 (Engineer)
Drive Index, Read (MB/s)
Access Time, read (ms)
Drive Index, Write (MB/s)
Access time, write (ms)
Real World Tests
File Write 8 GB Single File (MB/s)

File Write Test Assorted 8 GB File (MB/s)

Read Test Single 8 GB File (MB/s)
Read Test Assorted 8 GB File (MB/s)

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