Lava W880 8800 mAh

09 - Dec - 2015
Lava W880 8800 mAh

    Lava W880 8800 mAh Price in India

  • 1100/-

Lava W880 8800 mAh Brief Description

Lava W880 8800 mAh Specification

battery capacity (mah)
Li ion
Micro USB
Li ion
Micro USB
No. of ports
W880 8800 mAh
weight (in grams)
91.6 x 40 x 40 mm
Rectangular tube
Additional features
LED indicators
Compatible devices
  • mobile phones
  • Tablet
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    Latest Forum discussions on Lava W880 8800 mAh

    • W880 acoustic

      how to flash the w880 acoustic to k550i phone? please give me the step by step imformation ....plzzzzz

      1. A_k_s_h_a_y10/11/2007
        in orkut k550 community a topic for k550 customization with out flashing to w610i is running... go there !! [URL=""]k550[/URL]
      2. Srikanth.984967143910/11/2007
        but i had flashed the w610 main to it..
      3. A_k_s_h_a_y10/11/2007
        so what.. see man its the same for all phones the procedure.. so why worry if its k550i or k610i or w880 the procedure is same
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    • W810, w880, or w610? which should i buy?

      should have good processing speed and music quality both with headphone and speakers

      1. Krazzy22/02/2008
      2. Pathik22/02/2008
        w810i. If you want newer fones try teh 5310 in the same range.
      3. Count dracula22/02/2008
        W810i,obvious choice,among those three.
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    • Gamerz the 8800 gt is here!!

      [B]NVIDIA today launches its newest mainstream part, the GeForce 8800 GT[/B] [url=][img][/img][/url] NVIDIA today is set to launch its newest midrange graphics card part, the GeForce 8800 GT,...

      1. Azzu29/10/2007
        ^^ Looks klean
      2. Digitaldude29/10/2007
        AnandTech has reviewed it. The review is awesome so are the benchmarks. Source: [url][/url]
      3. Nvidia29/10/2007
        Awesome!!! :D Now my 8600GT is a piece of junk :mad:
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    • 8800 gtx temperature !

      hey guys thanks to all o u and ur awesome advice, i bought my pc in april this year wiht an XFX 8800 gtx, e6400, OCZ 2 gig ram, samsung 205 bw 20", WD 320 GB, X-fi extreme audio..... and a cooler master 700 W PSU.... and an ASUS P5b n32 SLi premium mobo... evertyhitngs been running fine but i just installed nvidia ntune and its showin my GPU...

      1. Sagargv15/08/2007
        61C , well if its peak , then its damn low . . . its quite normal . .
      2. Choto cheeta15/08/2007
        Temps are quite fine... Install one Few Caninet fan if possible... !!! that would help pull out the Worm air from in side the box !!! :) but in any case temps are fine..
      3. Tarey_g16/08/2007
        Temprature is just fine , my friends 8800 ultra is on 60-65 on normal operation. He got a server cabinet which is huge and weighs 15 Kilo and has plenty space inside to accomodate extra fans for the card/hdd or processor. If you can ad extra cooling in this cabinet ,then its fine. Else try a bigger cabinet.
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    • Nokia 8800

      How is Nokia 8800? What's the likely price? Is it already available in India?

      1. Nemesis08/09/2005
        No idea about price and availability but I don't think that it's worth buying. Consider the shortcomings: - Only 0.5MP camera - No expandable memory and internal memory is just 64MB - Weak 600mAh battery - EDGE/GPRS is just class 8 I'm sure this phone will cost upwards of 20k which makes it not worth buying. You would be better off buying...
      2. Drgrudge08/09/2005
        Nokia 8800 have a VGA cam only . Also no memory slot . The design is also not good (IMO), simple without any exclusiveness. But performance wise, it's good, see if you like it and dont mind some of the features, it dont offers, then you can get this phone. Go for this phone only if it has the features you look for. I am sure it's not...
      3. Nemesis08/09/2005
        It is an SVGA cam grudge, not just VGA ;) Design-wsie, I feel it's pretty good. But it is also heavy at 134g. I just checked IndiaGSM and they list it at Rs. 38,500. Besides, Nokia India lists it as a new release so I Guess it's out already. It cannot be as low as 17-18k man! It has a stainless steel body, laser-cut curves, a screen made of...
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