ThinkDigit Weekly Poll Results (Best Smartphone Manufacturer)

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ThinkDigit Weekly Poll Results (Best Smartphone Manufacturer)

Last week on the ThinkDigit Weekly Poll, we asked our readers which company they thought was the best smartphone manufacturer. The options were, Apple, BlackBerry (RIM), Nokia, and Samsung.

The results are finally in, and once again, we are heartened by the overwhelming response! 947 of our readers participated in the poll, across the website and newsletter polls. We hope to see the same level of enthusiasm from our readers in the future.

The question was “Which do you think is the best smartphone manufacturer?” Let us see how our readers answered. The majority of you, 405 readers or 42 percent of the poll takers, chose Samsung as the best smartphone manufacturer.

Apple came in second, with 278 readers or 29 percent of the poll takers. The news certainly is interesting in the light of the recent Gartner report, which placed Apple as the top smartphone manufacturer of 2011 in terms of global sales, just ahead of Samsung. 

Nokia came in third in our poll, with 206 readers, or 23 percent of the poll takers voting for it. BlackBerry (RIM), finished up in last place, with just 58 readers, or 6 percent of the poll takers choosing it for the top spot.

What do you think of the poll results? Are you surprised at what your fellow ThinkDigit readers think? Let us know in the comments section below.

In the meanwhile, visit our homepage, to take our latest poll – “Are you waiting for the iPad 3?” Do also check out previous ThinkDigit Weekly Polls and their results, here.

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