Nokia Lumia 920 finally coming to India, expected in stores January 14

Looks like things are finally moving ahead with respect to the Nokia Lumia 920's India launch. A teaser from Nokia India confirms while our sources give us something juicier.

By Swapnil Mathur Published Date
31 - Dec - 2012
| Last Updated
31 - Dec - 2012
Nokia Lumia 920 finally coming to India, expected in stores Janua...

It looks like the Nokia Lumia 920 might finally be on its way to India and may be in the hands of consumers as soon as January 14. The Nokia India fan page posted an image for the fans, of a yellow Lumia 920Where to buy 24483 40000 standing tall against a black backdrop (seen below).

The Lumia 920 has been available in the US and Europe for quite some time now, with the Indian audiences growing more and more impatient waiting for the Nokia flagship to land in India. Well, given what’s on Nokia’s page, we’d say soon, but we can do you one better.

A few days ago, we got word from our source that pre-orders for the Lumia 920Where to buy 24483 40000 are already being accepted. The booking amount apparently varies from outlet to outlet, but word is that demo units will be available in stores by January 3, for anyone who wishes to get a feel for the device. Not enough? Well, if you pre-order the device, stores promise to deliver the device to you by the 14th of January.

The Nokia Lumia 920Where to buy 24483 40000Where to buy 24483 40000 is the company’s flagship device, a result of the partnership between the Finnish mobile manufacturing giant and Microsoft. Running Microsoft’s latest Windows Phone 8Where to buy 14500 operating system, the Lumia 920Where to buy 24483 40000 also boasts of the first ever optical image stabilization system that compliments the PureView technology developed by Nokia. The device will come in 32GB and 64GB variants with no room of expansion.


Swapnil MathurSwapnil Mathur