Nokia Lumia 520 coming soon; a sweet deal in the budget smartphone category

Nokia's latest Lumia 520 just got listed on the Nokia India store, indicating an impending release. We decided to compare it with the Lumia 620, to tell you which of the two is worth your money.

Published Date
18 - Mar - 2013
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18 - Mar - 2013
Nokia Lumia 520 coming soon; a sweet deal in the budget smartphon...

The Nokia Lumia 520 just got listed on the Nokia India store as “coming soon,” which is big news for anyone who is looking to get their hands dirty with an inexpensive Windows Phone 8 device. Interestingly, Nokia has also just released the Lumia 620 for the Indian market, a phone that has been hotly anticipated for its perfect balance of price and features. With the Lumia 520Where to buy 499 also heading this way, however, many could end up confused as to which phone to go for.

The Common Ground
The Lumia 520Where to buy 499 will obviously be cheaper than the Lumia 620, but does that mean it will also be underpowered when compared to the higher digit phone? Well, in terms of performance, the two phones have the same Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor clocking in at 1GHz. They also have the same Adreno 305 GPU and the exact same amount of RAM – 512MB. Both the phones also have the same 8GB of onboard storage which can be expanded to 64GB via a microSD card. The same 5MP camera adorns the backside of both the phones. So, what’s the difference between the two phones?

Subtle Differences
Well, for starters, the Lumia 520Where to buy 499 lacks the front-facing VGA camera present in the Lumia 620. The lack of a front-facing camera might make the Lumia 520 feel like a Windows Phone 7 device, but the UI would disagree. The Lumia 520 also lacks a flash for the rear camera. The Lumia 520 interestingly has a slightly larger screen (4-inches vs. 3.8-inches on the 620), but matches the resolution of the Lumia 620 at 480x800 pixels, giving it a pixel count just a hair smaller (233 ppi vs. 246 ppi). It does, however, sport a slightly different design than the current Lumia phones, which are identified by their generously rounded curves. The Lumia 520 has sharp corners, making it look more like a rectangle.

Who is it For
If the Lumia 520Where to buy 499 was to be priced around Rs. 12,000-13,000, then it would beat all the competing phones in that price bracket hands down.

Windows Phone 8 is designed to deliver the exact same user experience regardless of the device it runs on. So, the Lumia 520Where to buy 499 (just like the Lumia 620), even at its cheaper price point, manages to bring to the table the same refined user experience as the Lumia 920.

It’s as powerful as the Lumia 620 (priced at Rs. 14,999), with just a few reductions in hardware endowments, omissions that can almost be overlooked. The lack of a front-facing camera, for those who expect to use video-calling/conferencing, might just be the only major downside to consider.

So, if you’re looking for your first smartphone, the Lumia 520Where to buy 499 might be a great option for you. If you’re looking to replace a sluggish budget Android phone, you may want to consider the Lumia 520 as well.

Swapnil MathurSwapnil Mathur