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01 - Jan - 2008
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01 - Jan - 2008
Nokia E51

    Nokia E51 Price in India

  • 14699/-

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Our Verdict

The Nokia E51 retails at Rs 14,699; it is, we think, a must-buy.

Nokia E51: Detailed Review

A Classic Reborn

If you are an executive in the market for a suitable cell phone, Nokia’s E series offers the best bang for the buck. The Nokia E51 is the latest from the venerable E series, and an apt successor to the hugely popular E50 model, which it will eventually replace. The E51 brings in new features at a price that’s hard to beat.

The keypad is completely revised, with dedicated keys for Contacts, Calendar,

E-mail and Home. The soft menu keys, however, are too small for comfort. The rest of the keypad is a delight—good tactile feedback, and key spacing is immaculate. The rubberised keys for volume up / down, push-to-talk and power are hard to operate, though.

The E51 feels peppy—it uses the same processor as on the flagship N95. With 130 MB of memory on board, you can do a lot of multitasking without the phone getting sluggish, and the memory can be expanded to 4 GB via the microSD slot (a 512 MB card comes bundled). The E51 runs on Symbian OS Series 60, and crams in lot of features besides the standard set. Most of these will go down well with executives—for example, the Advance call manager lets you manage incoming and outgoing calls efficiently. In addition, WorldMate, an application for frequent fliers, comes bundled.

The E51 is a 3G, quad-band phone with HSDPA, Wi-Fi (802.11g), Bluetooth, Micro USB and an infrared port. There’s a switch to turn Bluetooth on and off on the main keypad. Multimedia features include a good MP3 player, a 2MP camera with still and video shooting, and FM radio.

Signal reception is good, as is voice clarity. Internet browsing speeds are faster than with the E50 or E61, thanks to the revised Web browser. The camera is above average, but loses performance in low-light conditions. The speakerphone is clear, with little or no echo on the recipient’s side. We got around three days of battery life with nominal usage and a terrific seven days of standby time.

The Nokia E51 retails at Rs 14,699; it is, we think, a must-buy.

Features : 4.5
Performance : 4.5
Build Quality : 4.5
Value for Money : 4
Overall : 4.5


Weight: 100 gm; Dimensions: 114 x 46 x 12 mm; Quad-band; 2MP camera; Video recording; xHTML browser; Push-to-talk; micro USB, infrared.

Contact : Nokia India Pvt Ltd   
E-mail :
Web site :
Price : Rs 14,699


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  • Nokia e51

    Thought it will release later only. But now available. Price Rs.12122/- [url][/url] Nokia E50 + Wi-Fi + A2DP Stereo Bluetooth + FM Radio + 16M Color Screen + 2 MP Camera + slimmer 12mm thickness = Nokia E51

    1. Azzu05/12/2007
      do we Get a2dp stereo in 12 k?? [IMG][/IMG]
    2. Pathik05/12/2007
      yup.. u also get it in 10.6k.. 5700..
    3. Azzu05/12/2007
      ^ pathiks i meant is it bundled with it ? [IMG][/IMG]
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  • Nokia e51 help

    well d thing is tht i'm not able 2 use opera on my E51.. problem is tht i can't scroll,so no link gets highlighted so tht i cud click thm 2 browse or dwnlod..whts d matter i think i sud wait 4 opera those using E51 do give ur experience..(btw its working well in my N95 so i think os isn't a problem isn't it)

    1. Azzu29/12/2007
      ru opera mini or Opera full ? plz specify
    2. Pathik29/12/2007
      Which mode are u using it in?
    3. Drrevv29/12/2007
      well its opera 8.65 nt opera mini
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  • Nokia e51 or se t700?

    This is not for me. Hence the confusion. If it was for me, I would've straight away chosen the E51. A group of friends are buying a mobile phone (Budget max 11-12k) as a marriage gift for a friend. He still is sticking on to his Nokia 1600 bought some 4 years ago. E51 - Wifi, Symbian, No Flash for camera, 2mp T700 - No Wifi, No Symbian, LED...

    1. Krates12/02/2009
      i will suggest give the T700 it will have a better impact then E51..
    2. Oval_man12/02/2009
      For Bride: SE T700 For Bridegroom: Nokia E51
    3. Coool12/02/2009
      No 2 both:D...N78 if u can.
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  • Nokia e51 and dataone connection

    I have a E51 which has wifi. I have a dataone connection with WA1003A modem whichis wifi. The phone detects this wifi modem, but i cannot browse "No Gateway Reply". I have made the modem to PPPoE and u-name and password entered. I have also edited the access point advanced settings in phone and defined Phone IP:, Subnet:...

    1. Chinawall19/10/2008
      well, I have e51 and browsed net via wifi ( at airport and in acermall), and the wifi is very fast to logging into network. As for dataone wifi modem i personaly dont have that ( i have LAN via cable network). Whenever u get the reply No gateway etc that means mostly settings problems not phone. also be sure about access points. same access...
  • Nokia e51 or n73 or n81

    hi friends, one of my friends is going to buy his smart phone.he has chosen e51,n73 and n81, his budget is around 12-13k . he is preferring good cam , wi-fi, symbian features. although n73 has 3.2 Mp cam while other have 2Mp cam,, 1)if we consider wi-fi as necessary feature which is better among e51 and n81?, 2) ...

    1. Rajhot17/07/2008
    2. Pathik17/07/2008
      N81. But both the e51 and n81 have sucky cams. N73 has a better cam but is old now.
    3. Yogi727217/07/2008
      n73 is too common these days .. everyone has it .. n81 will be good choice ..
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