Nokia confirms Lumia 900 software bug, offers $100 rebate to all AT&T customers

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Nokia confirms Lumia 900 software bug, offers $100 rebate to all AT&T customers

Nokia has acknowledged that a few early units of the Lumia 900 smartphones bought by AT&T customers are suffering from a software bug that affects the devices' memory management and data connectivity capabilities.

Nokia said in a statement, that the “issue is purely in the phone software, and is not related to either phone hardware or the network itself." The Nokia Lumia 800 had also suffered from software issues, ones that adversely affected the device's battery life - which a recent update fixed.  

Nokia’s position in the U.S. market has been precarious at best in the recent past, and a glitch like this on its flagship smartphone may just dent its resurgent ambitions with Microsoft as partner, despite the limited number of affected devices.

To assuage apprehensions, Nokia is offering a $100 rebate to all Lumia 900 AT&T customers, effectively making the device free to purchase, until April 21st.

All affected devices will be fixed by a software update that will be made available from April 16th, or customers can exchange their units with fresh, bug-free ones, already being shipped to AT&T stores.

Source: AllThingsD

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