Nexus 5 to feature Nikon camera technology: Report

Imagine actual DSLR-like quality coming out of your cellphone's camera, and we're not talking about proprietary imaging tech from random companies, but from none other than Nikon.

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21 - Mar - 2013
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21 - Mar - 2013
Nexus 5 to feature Nikon camera technology: Report

The Google Nexus 5 has become a hotbed for speculations and rumours and today, we’re hearing that Google’s next phone might have imaging tech courtesy Nikon. According to a tipster, Nikon will provide Google with a triple sensor array, which could set new standards for mobile imaging.

There has been a lot of suggestions that Google is working hard at improving the cameras in their Nexus devices to a point where users won’t need to lug around a DSLR or something similar, and who better to partner up with than Nikon. Nikon not only makes some of the best DSLRs around, but they have also worked with Google in the past on the development of their Android-based camera, the Nikon Coolpix S800C.

There are many other suggestions about the next Google Nexus phone, such as that the Nexus 5 (as it may be called) may run off of the Snapdragon S600 processor and 2GB of RAM along with options of 16 and 32GB on board storage. The display on the device would most probably be a 5-inch one, with a 1080p resolution. Previously, we had heard about an LG-made Nexus 5 which sported insane specs such as a 5.2 inch screen and 3GB of RAM, which seem to be too good to be true, but these recently suggested specifications seem far more real.

Whatever the case may be, if Google and Nikon really are working together on the camera of the Nexus 5, then they may finally have a phone that will be top-notch in every respect. Currently, as good as the Nexus 4 may be, the camera on it is quite mediocre. If Google addresses it in the next iteration of the phone, then we may have a phone that could have something for everyone. However, until Google makes something official, most likely at Google I/O, we take every rumour with a few grains of salt, as should you.

Source: TechCrunch

Swapnil MathurSwapnil Mathur

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