Moto X July 11 event is false: Motorola

Motorola has denied rumours, which indicate that there was an event scheduled for July 11 where the Moto X phone would be unveiled.

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Moto X July 11 event is false: Motorola

Ever since the 4th of July ad that was published by Google owned Motorola hinting at the features of the Moto X phone, rumour mills have been abuzz suggesting that the device would be unveiled to the public on July 11. The rumour about the event however has been put to rest my Motorola stating that there is no such event happening.

Motorola, however, has confirmed the existence of the X phone and there have been many rumours suggesting what the device looks like, but no one has had a glimpse of the phone yet. The device could possible be one of the best-kept secrets of the smartphone world.

In the ad released, Motorola claims that the phone will be customizable by the user himself. Now, we know that Android as an OS gives you the ability to customize the software, i.e., no two Android phones will be the same, as users will customize the home screen with widgets, folders and more as per their own requirement.

But what about the hardware? What if the customization feature lets you customize the hardware of the smartphone? Just like Dell gives you a basic configuration of a machine and lets you customize it on the basis of your requirement, Motorola lets you do the same. If the camera isn’t important to you, you could choose one with a lower MP count, saving cost on the camera but increase the RAM or the built-in storage if you are an app heavy consumer. Will you also be able to customize the hardware or look of the phone just like an Alienware gaming rig? Only time will tell when the Google decides to unveil the Moto X phone.

Source: Android Community

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